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About Me

An overview of how I got here, my skill set, and some of the clients that put their trust in me.

About Me
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South African

Freelance Designer and Art Director


Years Of

Hi there, thank you for stopping by.
Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Sean Viljoen. I am a creative problem solver with a love for all things art.

A qualified multi-media designer, Art Director, and Digital Marketer; A gifted Illustrator, curious photographer and passionate artist. I strive for fresh and inspiring ideas, great teamwork and awesome creative execution.


noun. /'mævərIk/ /'mævərIk/ a person who does not behave or think like everyone else, but who has independent, unusual opinions.

Based on a recent Behavioral Overview test run on my behalf the results lean towards maverick;
you can have a look at the test below to get a better understanding of my personality.


Professional Background

Work Experience

We all have our journey, it's not only a straight line, but seperate elements that bring us to a certain point. Below is my journey, and how I got here.


  • Transvalia High » 2007
  • AAA School of Advertising » 2008 - 2010

Work Experience

  • Network BBDO » Jun 2010 - Mar 2011
  • DavinciEdisonBell » Apr 2011 - Jun 2011
  • JWT (Freelance) » Nov 2011 - Feb 2012
  • Strawberry Worx » Jul 2012 - Sep 2013
  • Breed Social Media » Oct 2013 - Sep 2016
  • Publicis Machine (Freelance) » Jan 2018 - Mar 2018
  • Faben (Freelance Retainer) » Mar 2022 - Aug 2022
  • Demographica (Freelance Retainer) » ad-hoc 2022 - 2024
  • SV Freelance (Freelance contractor) » Sep 2016 - Present


  • Silver Pendoring » Ouma Rusks

Aditional Courses

  • Complete Web Developer bootcamp » Colt Steele
  • Advanced CSS and Sass » Jonas Schmedtmann
  • Learning Maxon Cinema 4D » Infinite Skills
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course » Daragh Walsh
  • Cinema 4D Special Effects Techniques » Infinite Skills
  • SEO-2023 Complete SEO Training » Udemy
  • After Effects CC 2023 » Joe Parys
  • UX & Web Design Master Course » Joe Natoli
  • AdWords 101 » Jeffrey Lane
  • Social Media Marketing - Complete Certificate Course » SO ME Academy
  • Modern JavaScript (Complete guide, from Novice to Ninja) » Shaun Pelling

My hands-on capabilities

My Creative Proficiencies

I have mostly been self-taught; Spending after-hours learning and applying new techniques. Here are a few of my proficiencies and what I can offer as a creative.

Adobe Photoshop

With a great background in the industry, I have finely honed my photo editing and image manipulation skills. With Adobe products being as well integrated as they can I use all vector and pixel software as one unit.

Adobe Illustrator

With the cross-integration of the Adobe suite and the love for illustration and vector artwork, I am extremely proficient in Illustrator. I use this tool for all logo designs and vector artwork. From illustration through to full-on poster and printable designs.

Adobe InDesign

I am highly proficient in InDesign. For all types of layout and mass document designs. The ability to use both photoshop, illustrator and Premier combined with InDesign I can create highly interactive documents.

Premier Pro

A love for film and a need for film editing, I started exploring this tool more and more while I got a better grasp of Social media and festival post party editing. I use Adobe Premier combined with After effects and audition to effectively create a high-end edited video.

After Effects

A love for Illustration sparks a love for making those drawings move. I use Adobe After Effects build awesome motion graphics. Either to use on its own or to integrate with some of Adobe's other editing software.

Adobe XD

Highly proficient in both CMS and custom web design, I also am highly proficient in Adobe XD for wireframing and Prototyping. This allows for both the planning phase as well as the actual site build to go seamlessly. Allowing for structured creativity if you will.

HTML, CSS & Wordpress

I know my way around the front-end a a website and can code in both HTML and CSS. Aditionally, I am well versed in Wordpress and help many clients build sites that can easily scale up or larger sites with all the bells & whistles.

SEO & Digital Marketing

I have a whole set of tools in my arsenal. This allows me to do competitor research, find the right keywords, impliment them on a website, track the performance of all marketing campaigns and adjust the tactic for better traffic and an over-all better ranking.

3D Modelling & Rendering

I have a good understanding of 3Dimensional digital art. I have used some of these tools and I am still in the learning phase. While saying this I am also in the process of learning app development i.e Unity as well as Blender.


Some of my

Past Clients

A more extended list of some of the past brands I've had the pleasure of working with. From SME's, all the way to large brands. I don't descriminate, I am here to help businesses succeed.

Mercedes Benz SA
First National Bank
Doppio Zero
Webber Wentzel
Shout SA
Hoosen Wadiwala
Astrum Technologies
Builders Warehouse
Cell C
Performance Through Science
Zareena Kara Properties
1time Airlines
Agricolleges International
BMW Group
Clover SA
The Great Moscow Circus
RCL Foods
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