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A list of my capabilities

Freelance Designer & Art Director Services



Design can be a relatively broad profession.
As a Multi-media Designer my skillset spans quite far. This allows for much more than once-off projects. Establishing brands across multiple media channels.

Art Direction

As a qualified Art Director, my capabilities span across multiple above the line channels. With strong conceptual capabilities, combined with my design knoledge, I help established brands reach a larger audience.

Art & Media

With a passion for art driving my creative capabilities; My arsenal is further expanded by a knowledge of Photography, Film and Illustration. This aids all other disciplines without question.


"a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

William Shakespeare


Design Services

Graphic Design

"Design creates culture."

I am a well-rounded creative with multiple talent. My first love however still remains brand establishment. This allows me to figure out the inner workings of a product's totality. Allowing for a much better visual language that connects to audiences on a personal level.

Logo Design

As a highly conceptual creative, I have a strong ability to visually showcase a brand and add meaning to a logo. This creates a much stronger visual identity that has the potential for massive growth.

Corporate Identity

A brand is much more than a logo, although a logo is the entry point, strong brand assets often speak the most. Figuring out all other elements of a product assures brand recognition no matter what the channel.

Print Production

Well versed in layout and print design, my capabilities in brochures, leaflets and all-over printed marketing material allow for a broad area of reach. In combination with a strong brand, the designs are more than a quick once-off.


In a much broader sense, I also create many other creative executions not listed here. Aside from print and branding; I am always up for a creative challenge.


Advertising Services

Art Direction

"There’s an ad for every vice. That’s advice."

With a qualification in Art Direction from AAA School of Advertising, and a significant amount of experience in the industry, I bring fresh and creative ideas to the table. With a great eye for visuals... I bring those ideas to life.

Print Advertising

With a keen eye for visual composition and highly conceptual capabilities, I have the ability to create ads that make readers stop and do a double-take. With craft at the forefront of creative executions.

Outdoor Advertising

With campaigns running across multiple media types. I have crafted many TTL campaings that isn't just a copy-paste to different media types. Large scale formats such as billboards needs a new avenue of consideration.


As a maverick and outside-the box thinker. I am driven by creating campaigns that push the boundaries into brand new territory. Experimental campaigns are generally the ones that make for the things that go viral. An obvious asset for any brand.


With a high proficiency in the digital space, I know my way around the web and most digital marketing platforms available. This allows for campaign reach that covers all channels and assures optimal outcomes.


Digital Services

Digital Design

"We live in a digital world, but we're fairly analog creatures."

As a mostly self-taught digital creative, I mostly work in the digital space. A great understanding of web design, social media, digital marketing and cross-channel brand application. This means I help clients establish a digital footprint that lasts and reach a wide audience.


As the first touch-point for any digital application, a great understanding of how it may function is key. Well versed in wireframing and prototyping; I can establish the first initial layout of most modern web-apps.

Web Design

Well versed in multiple web applications, I often help clients build lasting websites that showcase quality and design consideration. I either custom code where applicable, or use a CMS like Wordpress to put together a great site to assist in all marketing efforts.

Social Media

With a strong background in social media design and marketing. I have helped many clients both large and small get their message out there. With some knowledge on paid media and what avenues work best for each campaign type, I can help you get your page popular with a bit of effort.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Building a website and establishing a digital footprint is one thing. Doing the work to get generic reach and ranking is another. I have invested a lot of time learning how to create popularity for a brand; Combined with additional marketing efforts assures success for any company.

Art & Media

Creative Services

Art & Media

"Life is art. Art is life. I never separate it."

As a child, I always loved drawing. Since the age of 7; I have been putting pencil to paper. This later evolved into photography when I recieved my first camera and lead to Film when I learnt how to use animation programs. All these skills help greatly in all my other endeavors.


As one of my oldest passions, illustration and sketching has been one of my most used creative outlets. This has later moved into a more digital space and helps in many different facets of my profession. From doing concept sketches, planning logos, Creating storyboards and concept art for different brands. It is a skill that should be seen as a necessity in the industry.


With a keen eye for composition and a fascination with the world around me, I often dabble in photography. Either in a personal capacity or for clients and their brands. A skill that has proven highly valuable both in capturing a brand or products essence as well as to freeze a moment in time.

Film & Animation

I have always been fascinated by moving visuals. Where my love for stills eventually expanded into moving frames. I know my way around animations and the flow of a story, depicting a message through movement that creates emotion.

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