Zareena Kara Properties are a Johannesburg based real estate company. Assuring quality in each and every property transaction. They have been going strong for a good 7 or so years. Basically the same age as the initial logo I designed for them. They focus greatly on quality and professionalism. Agents that go out of their way to assure customer satisfaction.


zareena kara properties logo design introduction image

It's no small feat to have been in the industry for the same amount of time one of your logo designs remain used. Not to stroke my own ego, however, this shows effective communication that lasts. Pushing brands forward and effectively creating professional companies from the get-go.

Granted I was still very young when I designed this, the fact that it still remains to this day is something I highly pride myself on. With a number of design mistakes juniors often make this pays tribute to my calling and re-affirms that this is the field, I am meant to be in.

Behind the scenes

Granted, this logo was designed while I was still a junior with a considerable amount of knowledge less than I have now. This still shows a natural feel for corporate positioning. I stepped right out of studies and directly into the market, with only the design principles I learnt through my studies. Showing that AAA churns out great candidates ready for design and advertising.

color breakdown

The design uses a two-tone secondary color pallet. Both to work equally well in conjunction to the next. The primary, as well as secondary color, works effortlessly as a single color. These are more than evident in the marketing material as well as the website they use to market themselves.

zareena kara logo design primary color example

Primary Color

The primary color stands strong and creates the base for all other color use. Taken throughout the entirety of their design collateral. The navy blue gives a sense of stability and calm. Instilling trust in the viewer.

zareena kara logo design secondary color example

Secondary color

The secondary color much more vibrant than the primary. Meant to evoke feelings of excitement. A will to get things done and a hype for any potential new property investment. Working in complete synchronicity with the primary color.

zareena kara logo design full color example

Color container

Overall the color is generally white with the primary color forming the backdrop. Pushing all elements to the front, visible immediately. this also comes across in the illustration and icon use across all types of marketing media.

Icon vs Text

zareena kara logo design iconography example


The icon uses the first two letters of each word that make up the company name. Making use of a heavy Serif bold. The negative space forms somewhat of an abstract sculpture like that found in new-age modern types of homes.

zareena kara logo design text example


The text remains as simple as possible. Clean and sleek, coming off crisp and elegant. Making use of a sans serif to compliment the icon.

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