Motion Graphics

As part of the Vodacom Business Partner award ceremony, I was tasked with creating numerous animations that were played on a massive curved screen. This meant all edits had to be enormous and take into account the size and stretch of three screens combined. Here's what I created...

The reason behind the animations

It goes without saying that video is an integral part of any awards ceremony. Moving images make the wondering mind much more focused on the necessary information throughout the evening.

Animated Infographics

I was tasked with bringing these static imagery to life. Animating a considerable amount of information into a pleasing and easy to take in motion graphic. The result of which not only showcased my own ability, but gave the company something lasting for some time going forward. Basic information displayed through movement. A pleasing way to display stats.

Catagories Speakers

A better way to introduce guest speakers and announce categories. The edits were done to scale on a massive 4000x700px curved screen. This meant all videos had to be scaled accordingly and assured video quality when viewed in scale. The below were some of the edits done, not including the speakers.

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