Logo Design

Logo Design for Uni-Limited South Africa, a financial institution providing salary advance loans, asset finance loans as well as logbook finance loans to selected partnering companies. With that, the design had to reflect both trust and a sense of profesionalism. This formed part of a bigger project. Of these, were brand bible creation and brand establishment. Viewable here: Uni-Limited Corporate Identity Design.

uni-limited sa logo design introduction image

As a newcomer to the South African market and given the nature of the business, a certain amount of care needed to be invested in how the brand is portrayed. Anything less than quality would immediately give the company a good amount of difficulty. Already well established in Kenya, an SA market requires a different eye and attention to detail.

The final design, the end product of a few revisions, shows trust, unity, and valor. A call to arms for any individual needing the financial services offered by the company. Each and every asset has been clearly thought through for the future. 5 year thinking the minimum.

One of the most important parts of a brand is the logo. This is the first thing anyone sees of the company, and first impressions last. This requires thorough research into the desired target audience and adjusting the design to appeal to those very individuals.

Color choice

uni-limited sa logo design primary color breakdown

Primary Color

The brand's primary color is the most noticeable color and care should be taken here. The correct color choice based on color psychology assures the brand "feels right" to the end-consumer.

uni-limited sa logo design secondary color breakdown

Secondary color

Our secondary color, similarly is based on color psychology and is used as a supporting color to our primary pallette. This is used to complement the artwork and create a sense of unity in any and all aspects of the brand.

Primary & Secondary color Application

uni-limited sa logo design primary on secondary color example
uni-limited sa logo design secondary on primary color example

Putting the colors to work. Below is a representation of how the brand works with both the primary on the secondary color palette and vica versa.

The secondary color pushes the logo to the front. Similarly, the primary color background softens the logo, yet still pushes the brand to the front.

Icon vs Text

uni-limited sa logo design iconography example


Each aspect of the logo is designed to work on its own. The icon is immediately recognizable when separated from the rest of the elements. This is a extruded variation, showing what can be done with the icon separated.

uni-limited sa logo design text example


The text on its own is similarly as recognizable as the icon when removed from the entirety of the design. This gives way to each element having it's very own tone of voice, useable across any form of media.


uni-limited sa logo design orientation portrait example


The brand's primary orientation is portrait. Considering all different media types, this isn't always a possibility. I have left the grid in both to show how the layout is considered. This is applied to all major marketing material and remains the ideal application.

uni-limited sa logo design orientation landscape example


Understanding the diversity of advertising and marketing material, a separate layout is created. Where the portrait option doesn't fit well, the landscape logo comes into play. This is especially handy when generating things like letterheads etc.

Primary & Secondary color Application

uni-limited sa logo design white on black example
uni-limited sa logo design black on white example

A common mistake made is an intricate logo that doesn't work well when printed in black and white. To alleviate this, the design needs to consider the application from the get-go. A clear indication of quality design is when the end product works across as many different types of media possible. For that very reason, the logo is generated in a Black & White version to assure no quality gets lost when the need arises.

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