Event Design

Twilight v12 is a Johannesburg, South African outdoor psytrance, techno, and drum & bass festival. The event happens twice a year and gets a good amount of festival goers. This went beyond just image creation as SEO was also used to get generic visitors. A combination of social media marketing and SEO to push the event as much as possible. A turnout of roughly 1.5k party animals.

twilight v12 festival event design introduction image

About the festival

This event marked the 12th of it's it's kind. With all previous versions leading up to a proper party. Getting new people to the festival was the main goal, rather than the same-old family. Expanding the scene and creating hype around the genre.

To properly assure the desired outcome I pushed above and beyond any of the previous festival artwork. Setting up the initial design in the previous festival and taking it across to this one. Creating a quality look and feel with awesome content to match.

After Movie

Aside from working freelance, my business partner and I are part of a media company called AntiGravity. We filmed the entire event and did an edit of the previous festival to push this one.

The entirety of the edit and filming was done my partner, both of us tackling the entire festival together. I did all the artwork to push the event and he handled the media side of everything. This way both of us are ready to take over in either the design or media side should the other not be able to do it.

So far we have worked together quite effectively and fully covered a good amount of festivals considering the amount of time we have shifted our focus to events.

International Artists

Naturally, the international featured headlines are a huge drive for the event. Using them to drive all the artwork greatly helps in getting more reach.

twilight v12 festival event design international artist painkiller

The festival sported a total of four international headlining artists, each playing their very own genre. Of these were Psytrance, Techno and Drum & Bass(my kinda jams). Each DJ individually had their own artwork designed to push the event individually. This also included social media images as well as cover photos and header banners.

This was some of the first artwork created for the event. The main International announcement made use of these images and created the visuals for all other forms of communication.

wilight v12 festival event design international artist break
wilight v12 festival event design international artist thayana valle
wilight v12 festival event design international artist A-Team

Social media collateral

With events, all relevant social media channels need artwork specific to that channel. All event companies involved also require specific artwork.

wilight v12 festival event design facebook banner

Both profile images, as well as cover photos, were created to both push the event and resize according to the device. Good social media imagery adheres to the ever-changing image diameter social media channels advise. This assures your need to know content doesn't get cut off or become illegible.

Bearing that in mind, all cover images and profile pics for Underground Sound, Teknotribe as well as Science Frikshun were individually created to best showcase the event. All of these add up to separate visuals that aid in the final marketing push.


All forms of content ranging from ticket sale notifications to competitions and imagery to create some hype.

wilight v12 festival event design ticket content
wilight v12 festival event design artwork content

Campaign specific imagery helps keep everything in-line with the initial artwork. Any form of communication gets done via the same design style the entire event follows. This is first-and-foremost unique and similarly immediately recognizable as artwork related to the festival, no questions asked.

Having a wide range of images is the best way to relay any message related to the party. Much easier to read and more importantly easily understandable.

Artist imagery

A good number of artists each play at this event. A total of close to 45 local artists and 4 internationals. For more reach, each artist was supplied with fully event-specific branded cover photos and profile images.

wilight v12 festival event design dj images content

Each artist received a fully branded social media pack to announce they will be playing at the festival. A total of 90 images were created with relevant information. This is a great way to reach a much broader target audience and with the SEO in place and sponsored social media content the event received a massive amount of new feet through the door.

Naturally, all the content has its specific goal. All the imagery was unique to the event and helped spread the message.

Website re-skin

Aside from doing the initial website design, I did set the site up to allow a full re-skin based on current festivals.

wilight v12 festival event design website re-skin

Aside from overall design work, I am also partnered with a fantastic creative that collaborates with event filming and editing. The site sports our latest edit. There are a good amount of elements on the page, each with its specific function. All headlining artists are featured with relevant external links. A widget also displays some of their music and gives site users the ability to listen to them all while they browse around.

A Google map helps users get to the venue and a full list of the line-up with times turns the site into a full-on reference for exactly what's happening at the event. This allows for much more than just an informational build. A way to keep getting return visitors.

Print Material

Aside from digital, all print artwork also needed to be designed according to the initial event design. Taking artwork from an RGB colour document over to a CMYK print ready-ready design takes some effort.

wilight v12 festival event design festival map

Assuring all print-ready artwork keeps campaign consistency, the design had to be somewhat adjusted to suit the media type. The digital artwork uses allot of overlays to create the visual language. These overlays needed to all be converted into flat colors that allow for precise printing without any visual errors.

The above examples are printed entrance armbands as well as A1 posters and flyers that were distributed across the region. There was also a print-ready festival map with the purpose of getting a good flow through the entire venue. Well laid out and with all relevant information.

wilight v12 festival event design poster
wilight v12 festival event design armband

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