Event Design

Twilight v11 is a Johannesburg, South African Outdoor festival with genres like Psytrance, Techno and Drum & Bass, hosted by Teknotribe. The event has a big list of predecessors. Each building up to an even better event with out of this world decor, amazing 3D mapping and much more. This design was by far one of my more enjoyable projects. The elements draw on what is considered ancient knowledge and sacred symbols.

twilight v11 festival event design introduction image

About the festival

In a long line of previous Twilight festivals, this one marked the 11th annual Twilight Open Air festival. With two amazing hedlining acts namely Victor Ruiz and Symbolic. Both equally skilled, putting down some amazing tunes. The event happens twice a year. First in March and then again on Halloween. In the scene, the event is very well known and already receives a massive following.

This included a great deal of content, design, and marketing. Not all the work done is listed here but a good idea of what went into the festival on this post.

What went down?

The festival overall has a great deal of effort that accompanies it, all set up to give party goers the best possible, out of this world experience. 3 D Mapping, fully lumo lit decor and much more. The design itself takes on the feel of the festival people and what they vibe with. Making use of sacred geometry and Egyptian mythology I created an out of this world visual experience with elements to match.

After Movie

Both me and my business partner, aside from me handling all the design work also film and edit all festivals, making for a complete 360 experience with all our basis covered.

Our first work on these festivals was filming and editing the after movie for the prior year, this was used at the end of the day to push the current event and create some hype, showing people what went down and getting them even more excited for what's to come. The edit was done completely separate from this event.

The video push naturally proved a major success and got plenty of views.

International Artists

Two very known Techno and Psytrance internationals played at the event. Headliners that bring the heat! Artwork to push these are important, one of the main drives to the event.

twilight v11 festival event design international artists

All DJ artwork was done to push international artists. A necessity for any and all event-driven content. The Headliners are the first push to the event, releasing them early on. All images were custom made and event-specific for both general content as well as for full profile re-branding.

The initial images were also taken across to the site and across all other forms of social media. Awesome images that showcases awesome internationals. Let's get AMPED!

Social media collateral

All collateral for social media helps get massive reach, set up to easily re-brand any and all channels.

twilight v11 festival event design social media content

I have a process in which I work, not only to work efficiently but also to get the best possible quality artwork. Usually, I set up the initial design, craft it until I'm happy and then I start taking the elements across to all other forms of marketing material. Social media images have a certain template it needs to fit into, if not it's likely to get cropped and the message highly distorted.

Adjusting all social media images ready to re-brand all event host images as well as overall festival specific channels, this includes the even image, social media profile images as well as profile images, all geared for maximum reach.


All social media content ranging from ticket posts to event information and all other relevant imagery.

twilight v11 festival event design ticket content
twilight v11 festival event design ticket competition content

Appealing and campaign specific images keep to the initial event design. Making sure all artwork is specific to the overall look and feel. Having custom made imagery makes sure that anything posted in regards to the event looks good and stays within the brand identity.

Artist imagery

Considering the scale of the event and a number of artists playing, a lot of images were crafted, each set-up to stay within the right guidelines and assuring nothing gets cropped on social.

twilight v11 festival event design dj banners

The event sported close to 40 artists, this makes for 80 images in total. Each artist had a fully customized profile image as well as a cover photo specific to both them and the event. This is by far the best way to spread the event with each artist individually pushing for more feet through the door.

I also have a system of setting up the initial artwork and adjusting it per artist, the most efficient way to do it. Making sure we take over social media as a whole is beyond ideal, spreading the event as far as possible.

Website re-skin

Taking the event through to a self-hosted event-specific website page that houses all the event information. This is now re-directed to a much more intricate design with many more features.

twilight v11 festival event design website re-skin

The event specific page is a full HTML build, custom coded without the use of any CMS, I'm not a big fan. However, the website does house all relevant event information about the headlining artists, a full line-up with set times and a rundown of what the festival is about. We also did the after-movie, filmed, edited and housed here.

The website is a great way to take interested party peeps through to the right channels i.e where to buy tickets and what goes into the festival overall. Rules, regulations, and directions to the event.

Print Material

Print is a whole other beast. The artwork had to be adjusted almost completely to not make use of any overlays, only using flat colors that assure no printing issues arise.

twilight v11 festival event design event map
twilight v11 festival event design armbands

The above are some of the print material for the event. Printed fabric armbands that also act as a keepsake combined with an event poster and festival map. All elements were printed without hassles and unnecessary back-and-forth.

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