Twilight v10 After movie edit, one of Johannesburg's hottest outdoor trance and techno festivals. The festival marked the 10th in the list of many predecessors. This is where our event filming and designs kicked off. Surrounded by a group of driven creatives and exceptional camera-men. We created an amazing post-party edit! Showing off the true awesomeness of the festival.

The Video-edit

As part of a dynamic and driven group of creatives, in another initiative called Antigravity media, we worked together effectively to both film the event and edit the final after-movie.

The filming and editing was taken over by us from the previous company. Driven to do exceptional work, we ended up with this final edit. The video was used to push the next event, TWILIGHT v11 Outdoor Festival Design, using the already generated hype, this video received a great number of views.

An awesome edit of awesome people enjoying an awesome event. This was divided up into three partners, all working together for the best possible end-result.

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