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Tropika is a well known South African fruit juice brand that combines a milky drink with a fruity mix, smooth island living, white sandy beaches, and the cool island breeze. That is the brand essence. The driving factor behind any and all communication. This site was built via a company I worked for previously called "breed social media" and I was mainly only part of the front-end layout and images that accompany the build. The website relies highly on great visuals, without well-crafted images users are sure to receive a less than happy experience.

clover tropika website design introduction image

The build is done using a CMS i.e WordPress. This allows for easy global code adjustment and pre-coded templates. Saving time and money compared to a completely custom coded website. Great emphasis placed on simple design and clean crisp brand specific imagery.

As said previously, I was not part of the back-end design. Merely for site-specific image creation. These banners are more extensively displayed on another part of my site. However, this is to showcase all visual elements involved in the design.

Behind the scenes

When taken into consideration, aside from small CSS styling the website mainly consists of imagery to help users navigate the site. The main driving force behind the build. Clean, completely custom visuals are paramount to great design. All rotating banners and images were done by me, also taken across from the social media images I designed.


The website consists of very few pages with the main navigation linking to external social media channels. This, in turn, keeps the build very small as is evident in the overall design

Landing Page

clover tropika website design pages home example

Not quite optimized for SEO, all rotating banners and product imagery help to greatly enhance the website. The hero image custom designed to be brand specific, also running across to all major social media channels.

Product Page

clover tropika website design pages products example

A full product display with product variations acts as a catalog rather than a direct sales funnel. All images were also custom made for this page, considering that without the images the site would be rendered somewhat useless.

Technical SEO - Page Speed

clover tropika seo mobile page speed test result

Technical SEO and page load speed play a massive role in how users experience the site. In a country like South Africa where we don't always have the luxury of fast internet speeds, a load time of 25 seconds is far below average. Considering a target audience that isn't always equipped with the best devices, faster loading times are a pre-requisite for better sales.

Google has brought out their very own mobile speed test as well as Google specific preferred mobile sites called AMP(accelerated mobile pages) These are far beyond preferred when trying to rank for #1

clover tropika seo google page speed test result
clover tropika seo pingdom page speed test result
clover tropika seo gtmetrix page speed test result

Overall the speed on other devices isn't too bad however this can be much better with some optimization. The server is the main source of the faster pages. The site still remains un-optimized, for a small build like this the speed should be close to 2 seconds rather than what it currently sits at.

Once again this is mainly meant for comparison and how sites can be fully optimized to deliver a much more than ideal user experience.

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