Digital Design

Tropika Island of Treasure 6 (TIOT6) web banner designs that cover the entire event. The banners were designed to specifically match each and every form of communication. Visuals are the most powerful way to convey a message. These banners were there to announce all competitors as well as the overall competition announcements.

The idea

tropika TIOT web banner design introduction image

The web banners were all campaign specific. Each one has it's individual purpose. The banners were coupled with a good amount of social media imagery I designed as well as contestant specific microsite pages with all relevant information.

In my own experience having some form of visual reference for any and all announcements will likely double the interaction received from any and all content. Custom crafted designs focused on each specific message. The banners extended across a lot of channels. From websites through to Social media branding.

Banner Ads

These are merely some of the designs created. Having all of them on here would likely fill up too much space. All images were adjusted for the duration of the campaign.

tropika TIOT web banner design diamond execution
tropika TIOT web banner design mauritious competition execution
tropika TIOT web banner design Mohau execution
tropika TIOT web banner design Thando execution
tropika TIOT web banner design winner execution

The above is a selection of the most popular banners. Of those, the overall event winner announcement, competition announcements as well as all competitor specific designs.

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