Stop motion

Tropika South Africa Nothing smooother stop animation, for the fun of it. This project did go live and was somewhat well received, keeping the African look and feel. I suppose this can be archived as social media content, however, there was a lot of effort put into this project. Fully hand-painted by me, shot frame by frame and stitched together in post.

The Video-edit

The main brunt of the work comes in the form of both hand painting the scene as well as stitching everything together frame by frame, similar to many Disney films.

Overall this was an awesome project, I can say one thing for sure. I had allot of fun making this. Set-up as part of a pitch, this was the only video in the batch that actually went live. Personally, I would consider turning it into a GIF as well to get a better response.

At the end of the day, the video adds to the many other social media art I created for the brand, by far one of my favorites though.

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