Digital Art

Tropika is a well know South African fruit juice brand that fuses a milky texture with a fruity taste explosion. These were some Illustrations and downloadable concept art I created, housed on their website and sized for all screen sizes. Usually a brand-specific following love free giveaways. These were meant to grow brand loyalty and user satisfaction.

Concept Art

tropika nothing smooother concept art introduction image

The artwork is a mixture of flavor with a world of Tropika, bright an colorful like the drink itself. I place great emphasis on giving back to consumers. Creating art for the sake of happy users. The illustrations were all downloadable and sized to fit as many screen sizes possible.

The art was housed on the website for quite some time. With a banner directing traffic. Each illustration was specifically crafted to communicate the Tropika feel. Fresh island breezes and white sandy beaches. An explosion of color to tend to the eyes as much as the drink tends to the tastebuds.


The below were the final signed off illustrations, there were a few more, however, this was by far the more prominent ones.

tropika nothing smooother concept art example 1
tropika nothing smooother concept art example 2
tropika nothing smooother concept art example 3

Playful and well thought out creative execution creates something both with share-value as well as sets the platform for fan art as well as something that acts as a keepsake. Rather than creating something branded, the work aims to be centered around the brand, turning the product into the piece of art.

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