Below the Line

Tropika is a well known South African fruit juice brand that runs an annual Caribbean cruise competition. We were in charge of all social media PR for the event. With that, there were roughly 7 local celebrities chosen to join all the winners on the trip. These were the invites we created for them.


tropika cruise celebrity packs Cocktail basket example
tropika cruise celebrity packs Cocktail basket example 2

The invites were part of a celeb specific Cocktail basket. Each celebrity received instructions and ingredients to mix their own cocktail and share it on their social channel. This was greatly received and spread the brand through fun and engaging ideas that consumers can do on their own.

As seen on the left, Tumi creating her very own cocktail and posting it to her channel. All invites specific to the event were also designed by me as well as full-on social media branding.


For any and all PR artwork I was the go-to-guy. From pre-event meetups to social media imagery.

tropika cruise celebrity packs mailer example
tropika cruise celebrity packs back example
tropika cruise celebrity packs Cocktail basket example

The campaign took the form of social media, print and direct marketing. Aside from the user-specific competition, this was mostly focused on the celebrities. Throughout the course of the cruise, I was also involved in all other material. Bringing brand specific updates across to all digital media channels.

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