Corporate Identity

Tropika is South-Africa's smoothest drink. They also host one of SA's smoothest annual beach party, far from the beach. The design was in-part designed to suit the social media imagery I created for them. Featuring huge, well-known local artists such as Black coffee and many others. The logo keeps to brand originality and speaks exactly what the campaign is about.

tropika beach party logo design introduction image

The sound of waves crashing on the banks of the Vaal river, the distant sound of a faint rustle. We get closer and tada! The hottest party 2015 has seen. Featuring international artists. The likes of Black Coffee, Ricky Rick and much more. Compared to any of the previous years this logo stand high above the rest.

Alleviating the need for excessive shading and unnecessary shadow use, the design comes across crisp and awesome across all media types. A simple yet creative design. Hyped up for party vibes.

Behind the scenes

The process of logo design seems simple enough, however, not everyone has sufficient knowledge in the field to fully comprehend the design principles needed in quality creative. Often adding too many elements that distract from the main positioning. With that in mind, this is, in fact, a logo that requires a considerable amount of information be added. Turning a good amount of information into pleasing brand identity.

Social media imagery

tropika beach party logo design social media example

As seen in the social media imagery I designed for the event, the logo clearly allows for cross-platform usage. From a place where the image and logo become one single element. Concerned more for the long lasting quality of design.

Design elements

The design consists of mainly three elements. Each has it's place and certain message to convey.

tropika beach party logo design brand element example

Brand logo

This goes without saying. The main brand logo was included in the design. Sitting right at the top of the entire container. For best readability and creating a full unit with the brand and eventfully combined into one element.

tropika beach party logo design container element example


The container for the entire design acts as a pretty awesome design element in itself. Not merely a holding device for the elements but something that speaks exactly to the party and the voice we try to convey.

tropika beach party logo design logo-text element example


The text is set up to read in a certain order, placing emphasis on the most important aspects and leading the eye to the secondary elements and communication reading: Tropika Vaal beach party 2015. In that order.

Marketing Material

tropika beach party logo design result black coffee example
tropika beach party logo design result ricky rick example
tropika beach party logo design result generic example

The above material was not done by me, this was a separate company handling the event. I dealt straight with Tropika. This is merely a reference for how my design was applied on different media-types.

The intention of the design and how easily it goes across to any and all forms of the final marketing push.

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