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Teknotribe is a Johannesburg company that brings psytrance and techno to the South African music and outdoor festival scene. The site is an ever-changing piece of art. Fully re-skinned per festival and archived once the event has run its course. The site makes use of on-page widgets delivering an audio experience while users browse the site. This also includes music tracks from headline acts for each festival.

teknotribe website design introduction image

The site structure is set-up to work as a single-page scroller with relevant sub-pages that houses all other information. The front page gets completely re-skinned based on the most current festival push, driving all SEO efforts to this page specifically. Once the event is done the page gets archived in the past-events section where it remains and keeps the site ranking for keywords still related to the festival.

Attention to detail is key. Not always shouting your message but hinting towards an idea. When psychology is involved and users are kept in mind we lead them to an idea, This is mostly done to not lose any potential SEO efforts and turn the artwork into a visitor generating piece of content for any future efforts.

Behind the scenes

My most desired outcome with any build is interactivity. A site that acts as an informative channel with automated user-friendly features. The site is built using a premium theme yet fully customized and created from scratch. Also allowing visitors the ability to put together their own design packages. This makes it easier for anyone to get a quote and a rough idea of what their project could cost. Also making use of an informative blog to get a massive amount of foot traffic through the site.

Website re-skin

The main structure of the website is in place, with the foundation down the home page gets completely re-skinned for the current festival. This is a great way to push all SEO for the festival to the main website. Archived and changed back to default once done. I have started the build, however, allot still needs to be done on the site to get it properly up to par.

Twilight Outdoor Festival v12

teknotribe website design twilight v12 re-skin image

Twilight v12 is a sequel to the long line of previous outdoor festivals hosted by Teknotribe. This one saw a much greater generic influx of visitors when good SEO and awesome design was implemented to the site. Completely re-skinned to go with my event design and give a good experience flow from any outside source right up till visitors land on the website.

Mokasha 2017 Outdoor Festival

teknotribe website design moksha 2017 re-skin image

Moksha 2017 is a festival run by Mansion records, this is a festival in the long line of its predecessors. The entire front page was completely re-branded to suit the festival design I created and also start ranking for Outdoor festivals in the country. Getting generic views and ticket sales straight from the front page.


The beauty of WordPress is that pages come pre-coded to be responsive. The padding and margins were adjusted as much as possible to suit all handheld devices. With the majority of visitors coming from mobile, a split of 60 vs 40 it is paramount that the site is properly set up for responsive.

teknotribe seo mobile responsive example

The site is fully optimized for the mass majority of mobile devices with some exception on much smaller screen sizes. All elements effortlessly fold beneath one-another making sure the page still reads as it should and giving users the best experience possible.

teknotribe seo tablet responsive example

Tablets are a close competitor to mobile, with a split of roughly 60 - 40%, not optimizing for a tablet would be a great flaw. All padding and layout assure the site completely go across to the mass majority of tablets. flowing effortlessly.

Off page SEO - Open Graph Markup

Structured Markup is an awesome way to massively boost on-page SEO. Telling search engines what type of pages are on your site and adjusting open graph information based on social media channel.

teknotribe seo structured markup example

Rich snippets are a great way to tell search engines exactly what each page on your website is about. In some plugins, the options are limited, however, based on preference I use some of my own tools to go a bit more in-depth with these snippets. Adjusting meta information and setting up a good list of keywords makes the site rank exactly for it's niche. Adjusting all titles and meta descriptions with social media channel specific Open Graph information creates professional shareable links that just look clean across all channels.

Technical SEO - Page Speed

Pagespeed is a massive factor that affects not only SEO but also user experience. Setting a website up for speed greatly reduces bounce rates and keeps visitors on the website.

teknotribe seo mobile page speed result

A load time of 5 seconds is way above average. A benchmark for good web design. Faster mobile pages that get delivered immediately is a recipe for success. Most users are known to not stick around past a fully loaded time of 7 seconds, every second thereafter you start losing more and more visitors drastically.

I prefer to optimize almost all the sites I work on. Any of the work I do speaks tons about my abilities. Knowing full well a poorly designed site will reflect just as poorly on my abilities.

teknotribe seo google page speed result
teknotribe seo gtmetrix page speed result
teknotribe seo pingdom page speed result

The above images are tests done on some of the more well-known speed tests, of these: Google page speed, Pingdom and GTMetrix. These all show amazing results with all tests showing the full site load time as less than 5 seconds across all devices. There is a reason Google has their very own mobile and desktop speed test. To assure quality throughout.

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