Corporate Identity

Sun & Moon is a Johannesburg company that specializes in massage therapy. A very driven individual behind the weel with a separate company to this focusing on fitness and health. A well-known company is driven by the health of the individuals that surround it. Offering massage therapy and sports massages that help people deal with the daily bustle that is life.

sun and moon logo design introduction image

It seems more and more, individuals are focusing on healthier living, both spiritually as well as physically. The need to be the optimal self they can. Drivin individuals are fueled by driven companies. In comes Sun & Moon. Catering for health-conscious driven individuals, their eyes on helping with the daily stress and injuries this life brings with it

The logo design delves into what consumers connect with. As the name itself stated. Duality in both physical as well as spiritual. Sun being masculine and moon the feminine. The imagery follows the meaning hidden within the name.

More than just a pretty face

Great design and communication become a reflection of exactly what the brand sees. Putting yourself in someone's shoes and portraying their vision even better than they previously thought. That is the difference between bad design and effective communication. Much more than just a slap together of logo-like imagery.

Full color

sun and moon logo design full color example

The full-color pallet makes use of both a golden shine similar to that of royalty and in a sense feminine nature, bendable and mendable flowing effortlessly. The secondary color shows the more masculine side. Rigid and un-moveable.

Combined, both make for a fantastic duality, bringing opposites together. This is the nature of the brand, to bring movement to an otherwise rigid construct. Simple imagery that effectively communicates the message.

Color breakdown

sun and moon logo design primary color example

Primary Color

The primary color, much brighter than the secondary immediately stands out. This color based on movement and the flow of a feminine. Standing in direct conjunction with the secondary color. A complete joining of both. A gold similar to that of an Egyptian queen.

sun and moon logo design secondary color example

Secondary color

The secondary color works in conjunction with the primary. Could be seen as a separate primary based on what the messaging requires. Depending on market and who it is aimed towards.


sun and moon logo design portrait orientation example


The above is how the logo would be used as a landscape piece of branding. This comes in handy when we consider different media types and a need for a longer log-type.

sun and moon logo design landscape orientation example


For media that becomes more elongated, a portrait landscape would best suit the design. With that in mind, the logo effortlessly does so by design.

Icon vs Text

sun and moon logo design iconography example


The image clearly shows what the text explains. A visual reference of the brand name. What this allows is that the icon remains recognizable even without the logo-text. Where necessary the simplicity and intricacy still remain pleasing and recognizable.

sun and moon logo design text example


The text shows flow while at the same time professionalism. A unique font assures the logo-text stays recognizable even without any of the other elements. Classy yet playful, elegant yet approachable.

Greyscale/Black & White

sun and moon logo design white on black example
sun and moon logo design black on white example

All my designs, regardless of intricacy still remain as simple as possible, bearing in mind the identity would likely go across to other forms of brand collateral. Scale-able from anything like billboards all the way down to faxes and invoicing.

With that in mind, the above shows a black and white version of the logo and how it would look printed out without any color.

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