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Performance through science coaching is a well-established company that offers paid memberships as well as full health and fitness analysis. Mainly geared towards Pro Cycling athletes, helping them reach optimal performance. The below is a video edit I did as well as running the full digital marketing campaign and building a competition specific page.

The Edit

This video edit formed part of a bigger campaign. This was used as the main display ad which, once clicked, took users through to a dedicated competition page, visible below. Once on the competition page, they were tasked with finding answers to three questions hidden on the site.

On successful submission, users were added to a mailing database and future marketing leads were kept. This edit, simple and to the point was mainly meant to drive engagement and get people excited.

What went down?

On top of this edit, the major channels used were Facebook ads i.e Display ads and carousel ads to drive engagement, this was also done on Instagram. Email marketing was also a massive factor in this campaign. Getting higher page visits with more clicks and over-all a much better SEO score and a database of users for future marketing efforts.

Dedicated Competition Page

Below is what the main competition landing page looked like. A screenshot of the rotatable header as well as the form that gets filled in for a successful competition entry.

pts coach competition video edit competition website form example
pts coach competition video edit competition website example

The competition page not only served as a means to enter, or as a way to capture leads. It also served as a means to up page popularity, track user engagement and help the site rank better when it comes to Google indexing. the above are examples of how the entry works.

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