Corporate Identity

Phoka Global is a South African company that focuses on empowering the youth and alleviating the impoverished. With the emphasis on establishing growth and empowering a nation through research into the socio-economic state of our country and planning towards a much brighter future.

phoka global logo design introduction image

Often times it seems many companies concerned with the financial sector and alleviating the impoverished or driving young entrepreneurs forward either focus their attention solely on parts of the infrastructure that don't necessarily require as much help as those individuals without access to education and similar opportunities. Putting the already empowered back in power.

That is the irony of the situation. Phoka Global, however, focuses solely on investing in the driven select few that have the drive but lack the right tools. Giving them an opportunity they wouldn't normally have. A company with a vision that I support whole-heartedly.

Behind the scenes

Holding true to the brand essence and the company vision, this design aims to establish a successful brand in a market cluttered with getting rich quick schemes. Remaining simple yet effective. Professionalism in simplicity. The aim of the design as a whole is to tell an entire story. One that can span miles and reach millions.

Full color

phoka global logo design full color example

The design in itself makes use of a golden gradient. Simulating both what drives the company(economic freedom for the underprivileged and driven) as well as the country it hails from. The golden grass of the South African lands. The top of the logo a light shimmer. The shimmer of the sun on a brightly lit world.

A voice that holds true to the companies core values. The beauty in life and the great freedom that comes from financial stability. With eyes on pushing an entire nation forward.

Icon vs Text

phoka global logo design iconography example


The icon, while somewhat abstract holds to a much more cultural voice. A deeper meaning in itself, the design shows exactly that. A connection with individuals rather than a mass corporation fixated on global dominance. The icon sports a globe with a rabbit jumping across it effortlessly, conquering the world and breaking free of situational depression. A glimmer alleviates the scene. The icon stands strong as it's own entity. Recognisable immediately.

phoka global logo design text example


A well thought out typeface and great visual structure makes the logo-text its own entity. Remaining strong and recognizable on its own. The strap-line fitting beautifully of center combined into one single unit. A stroke of 1pt frames the design and at the same time creates a landscape similar to that of an african bush. The golden grass breezing under the African sun.

Black & White

phoka global logo design white on black example
phoka global logo design black on white example

As with all my designs, I consider as many possible forms of media that could be used in the future and create accordingly. How would this look on television? Would it read well on print and billboards? When internal documents are printed out, how will the logo go across on both Black & White?

All these aspects are what make up a successful piece of marketing material. Setting any brand up for success. Foresight is the difference between a truly well-established brand and one that struggles to make sales.

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