Corporate Identity

OWLBTC(Pty)Ltd. is a company that focuses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash cloud mining as well as cryptocurrency mining hardware. This logo was designed as part of a bigger package. The package included amongst other things. Website design, Brand Bible design, social media branding, on-page SEO, Business card design and all sorts of brand collateral. The main goal to properly launch a startup company into the market.

owlbtc cryptocurrency logo design introduction image

The design in question. Good logos are often designed with simplicity and readability in mind. Many creatives struggle to grasp this and go for flamboyancy(if that is a word). Over-using elements to fill up space. However, the design that lends itself to cross-channel usage is undoubtedly the way to go. Still keeping within good originality standards and immediately recognizable iconography. Immediately recognizable on any and all forms of company collateral.

Simple enough to be effective, yet not too simple to become completely unintelligible. This is a company that deals in finance and requires a certain trust in it's messaging yet also a certain level of endurance and drive. Willpowerwer that all businessmen could relate to.

Inside the vault

Often times a logo is seen as just a quick slap together of elements and bleh... YOU HAVE A BRAND! However, this is more than possible and an extremely hit or miss way to go about it. Good design goes in-depth on what consumers would prefer and how this design would do if many different factors start playing a part.

Primary & Secondary color usage

Making good use of a two-color pallet set up in the initial brand bible with a full Pantone breakdown. The logo works on both colors equally. Good color choice adds to the brand essence and the sub-conscious connection that accompanies great, well-thought-out positioning.

owlbtc cryptocurrency logo design color dark example
owlbtc cryptocurrency logo design color primary example

This is an example of how the logo goes across on both the colors. Primary on secondary and vica versa. Each color has its use has a certain message to relay. A feel if you will. Either of solidarity or of a more placid and approachable company.

Black & White

Bearing in mind that there is a massive likelihood that either color could fade away on different material types, the design lends itself quite easily to both black and white color usage. Assuring it still remains readable no matter the marketing material.

owlbtc cryptocurrency logo design white on black example
owlbtc cryptocurrency logo design black on white example

Often when letterheads or other types of printed media comes into play, imagery that completely distorts when printed full black become a massive issue. For this reason, designs are done with the future in mind and any outside elements that could potentially affect the quality of the brand.

Seperable elements

Both the icon as well as the logo stands strong on its own. Immediately recognizable in separate forms. Strong brands are built with this in mind. Not only able to stand alone but likely even just as powerful as when the elements are combined.

owlbtc cryptocurrency logo design iconography example
owlbtc cryptocurrency logo design text example

A great deal of foresight and target audience research goes into establishing an effective brand. Not merely images that look good but visuals that have potential consumers relate.

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