Above the Line

Ouma is a South African rusk made from a traditional buttermilk recipe. A well-known brand especially in the Afrikaans circle. Before we get into it though, I would like to give a massive shout-out to my ouma, who braved the winter weather to actually pose for the shoot. This campaign got me and my copywriter a silver pendoring award early on in my career. When I was still studying, in-fact.


ouma rusks pendoring awarded print advert introduction image

If you don't have the best understanding of Afrikaans, I'll try my best to explain the concept as simple as possible. The human-truth behind the overall concept is that each person has a unique way of dipping their rusks. This also extends to wordplay on the Afrikaans language.

Our main idea derives from the Afrikaans language, keeping in mind the human truth that is... Every individual has a different way of dipping their rusk. Some use a spoon, some do it quick, some prefer to keep the rusk in soaking in the coffee or tea for a long while. This human truth combined with some clever wordplay gave us our end-result. Translating from Afrikaans, Ouma and gran. The idea shows exactly that, different ways of dipping your gran(Ouma).

The adds

The initial invites to all the celebrities were sent out printed on a sponge, a quirky way to relay the message. These were all hand-delivered to each celeb. The general public were also notified with a direct mailer from their current database.

ouma rusks pendoring awarded print advert bommie image
ouma rusks pendoring awarded print advert bucket image

The concept allows the campaign to stretch much further than the two current adds, a strong idea with "legs". Both adds were set up and shot by me with some edits i.e the boy is added in afterward (I do still like my gran). The adds surprisingly were shot in the middle of winter and submitted to the Pendoring awards. This campaign did fetch both me and my copywriter a silver student pending award.

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