Revolution NYE after movie film and edit, one of South Africa's hottest New Years Eve outdoor festivals. Revolution is known for going big. A front runner on the psytrance and Drum & Bass new years festivals. Great music, awesome people and an amazing event to match.

The Edit

Revolution NYE is known for its massive turnout and amazing party people. This was shot by my business partner that runs a company called Antigravity with me. Edited and adjusted by me.

Without further ado... I give you the official Revolution 2016/17 After movie. Shot by an amazingly skilled videographer and edited by yours truly. Ahhhh jiss!!

Motion Graphics

Adding to the flow of the edit, rather than having to stop on a static image the animation greatly adds to the final product.

Any video is a moving story, with the purpose of flowing through all the scenes effortlessly. Emotion sparked by visual. The motion graphics add to the edit, moving static imagery and animation is by far the best way to not break the flow, keeping the movement solid throughout the entire edit.

This was done to create some movement in the logo fade, holding true to the psychedelic nature of the event, the particles combined with text transitions set the mood for the rest of the after-movie.

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