Event Design

Moksha Open Air Festival is by far one of Johannesburg's most anticipated Psytrance and Techno events. The first event of Spring that brings with it fresh vibes, awesome sunny party vibes and great fun. This is all the work I did for the event.

moksha festival event design introduction image

About the festival

A psychedelic experience that delves into another realm of wonder! Going down the rabbit hole and finding yourself in a whole new world. The theme for this year's gathering was Alice in Wonderland and the design completely followed. This was the initial artwork, taking elements from the logo and creating growing creative.

The initial visual elements show plants budding and ready to come out for Spring. This overall created the platform for the rest of the design elements. Taking this design and turning it into blossoming, spring-ready visuals.

What went down?

A great deal of artwork went into this festival. Above and beyond all the general festival creative, I went above and beyond to deliver some fresh and exciting elements. Visually the creative is completely fresh and out of the box. Not taking anything from previous events but setting it up as a completely new visual journey.

Promotional video edit

In my career, I have grown extremely skilled across many platforms, from web design, through to print and also video editing and film. I am part of a media company that focuses on event filming and post party editing.

The video edit was done to generate some hype and get potential festival-goers amped about the coming event. Motion graphics add to the overall look and feel and also keeps to the design. The footage was taken from some of me and my partner in film's past event footage and turned into an awesome pre-party edit.

I edited sound clips in Audition, created motion graphics in after effects and finally did the grading as well as scene splicing in premier pro. I usually do all my design work in Illustrator before I take it over to Photoshop for web-ready artwork, so the editing overall was quite simple due to the previous artwork setup.

International Artists

Overall international artist content for the initial announcement. This was some of the very first communication for the festival.

moksha festival event design international acts social media content

The International artist release was much more extensive than the images here. This was the main push and the driving factor for plenty of advent trance-heads and techno freaks! The initial release artwork for all announcements and DJ release.

The images are done specifically to the event yet different enough to be recognized separate to all other elements. This was still growing artwork with limited time to prep everything. The entire design was a build-up till the final creative was ready.


All event-related images create consistency in any and all announcements. Images have a much higher impact than plain text.

moksha festival event design tickets social media content
moksha festival event design sponsors social media content

All related festival updates and announcements were done using the exact look & feel in various layouts and images. These are all high impact and event specific. The above are merely some of the artwork that was done, beyond this there were many more images done for the festival.

Having a good amount of visually appealing images are not only a way to relay a message effectively but also to spark interest when anyone sees the visual. Sparking interest and helping the event get more party people.

Artist imagery

The event had roughly 50 odd local DJs with the 2 main headlining acts. Each Artist individually receives promotional artist specific social media imagery.

moksha festival event design djs social media content

For better reach and festival spread, all artists were individually given a complete social media channel make-over, consisting of both cover images as well as profile pics. This all aids in getting much bigger reach as well as letting festival goers know who will be playing.

There were a total of 100 images to create and each one was individually set-up to best showcase the artist and push the festival visually.


Fully customized festival line-up content designed to be festival specific and visually appealing. A reference for pre-party planning.

moksha festival event design lineup social media content

In my understanding, images last much longer than just their intended purpose, I keep this in mind when I do any design work. This mentality pushes me to create a quality design as much as possible. A great way of thinking that makes sets the bar for all future work.

Line-up times were crafted to be first and foremost informational as well as visually appealing, Keeping in mind that this is the main marketing push, anything done half-heartedly will likely jeopardize the entire event and how many people are actually willing to attend.

Website re-skin

Initially, I designed the Teknotribe website and set it up to easily be re-skinned per event. This is also a massive tool in SEO and generic festival hype.

moksha festival event design website reskin

The entire landing page of the Teknotribe website was taken over by Moksha artwork. The site also has Analytics features to actively track whether or not the marketing efforts are successful. The page is set up as an experience rather than an informational reference.

Housing some of the international headliner's music for easy listening while people browse. All relevant information with external links to all of their pages. Also having the full line-up, set-times, ticket sales link and all other information on the festival. I also believe giving back to your audience is awesome so I created downloadable concept art as a keepsake.


This was basically an added extra for the event, a little present from me to everyone.

moksha festival event design concept art

I believe in giving something back to the people that attended the event. For that reason, I did these desktop and mobile backgrounds as a freebie, easy to download from the website. Although stressing the added extra, this was never pushed and still remains unknown.

For anyone looking to use the artwork or just generally having cool wallpapers, head down to the Teknotribe site and grab one that fits your screen resolution.

Print Material

Print material requires a certain level of knowledge compared to digital, in the digital realm, you can easily get away with using overlays and dropping opacity colors. In print, however, this is not an option.

moksha festival event design promotional stickers
moksha festival event design printed map

The above is print material created for the event. Albeit not all of these were actually used in the end, however, the design was done and print-ready for the festival.

This consists mainly of a custom made festival map to help trancers find their way around the event as well as festival stickers that would've been distributed prior to the event as free giveaways. Studies do show that people are more likely to take part if the offer of freebies is on the table.

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