Promo video

Moksha 2017 promotional video edit, pushing one of Johannesburg's most anticipated Springtime Outdoor psytrance and Techno music festivals. As the overall designer for the entire event, this was merely one form of the pre-party marketing push. The e ntire campaign can be viewed here: Moksha 2017 Johannesburg Outdoor Festival Design. The look and feel was taken across to both this edit and all other forms of marketing media.

The Video-edit

An amazing event, with awesome people to match. The promotional edit was done within a day with very little time for extra tweaks. A great turnout for a rushed job.

The aim of the promotional video, as with any other edit is to create pre-party hype and get everyone excited about what's to come. A look into how the party goes down and what to expect. As part of another media company called Antigravity, the footage was taken from some of our past event edits.

These serve both as a semi-after movie and also a pre-party push. An edit of roughly 30 seconds that tell everything it needs to. Let's get pumped!

Motion Graphics

As with the majority of my other edits, I put a good amount of effort into the motion graphics and making sure all animation is top-notch and brand specific.

Something awesome surrounds the use of motion graphics, animated illustration work that makes the video both brand specific as well as adding a little something extra to the festival edit. Often times, when using static imagery, the flow of the edit gets interrupted.

Rather than fading out to a black and white end-screen, animated graphics add so much more to the overall edit.

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