Digital Art

Moksha is a Johannesburg Open air festival in the heart of South Africa, apart from doing all the artwork for the event, I also created mobile and desktop art and illustrations. These are meant to be a keepsake. Something to keep the festival memory living on. A lasting memory of the event and something that will act as a reminder of the awesomeness of the event.

Free stuff!!

moksha festival concept art introduction image

The artwork was done to give back to festival goers, Online hosted and easily downloadable desktop backgrounds. These were specifically made and sized to fit a great majority of screens.

With all the initial event artwork I also design stickers. These were unfortunately not printed. Because of this, I went above and beyond the job to still give back to the festivalers(if it wasn't a word... it is now). The artwork was hosted on the same site I designed to host all the event information, having all material at your fingertips, literally.


The illustrations were rolled out for all types of screen sizes, both desktop as well as mobile, for large screens as well as smaller screens. Easily downloadable and awesomely designed.

moksha festival concept art mobile
moksha festival concept art screens

The artwork was set-up for as many platforms possible. Assuring everyone gets it in their desired screen size. Each individually sized to fit rather than just cropping the elements, this all adds to the final result and satisfaction of everyone that want to use it on their device.

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