Corporate Identity

Makerslide is a company focused on linear motion extrusions. In short CNC machines and parts for CNC cutters. Before Makerslide came into play many people interested in these machines would have to import straight from foreign countries. The design formed part of a website, completely refurbishing the look of this company establishing it as much more professional business.

makerslide logo design introduction image

Understanding what the company does and the vision they move forward with. A logo that speaks straight to their niche. I designed this logo with the actual act of CNC cutting in mind. The icon representing a block of wood, the logo extruded from this.

In regards to color use and bearing in mind the company mostly sells online, The thought behind digital readability was my main focus.

Behind the scenes

Often times the message can get lost without a proper grasp of the reason for brand establishment. The main goal to be significant enough to speak tons about the company yet simple enough to convey what the company does. Easy to remember and intricate enough to not just be text on paper. The fine intricacies of effective communication.

Color Scheme

makerslide logo design primary color scheme

The primary color was carefully selected. Firstly to show well on the website it was commissioned for as well as setting up the base standard color pallet of the company message.

The off blue hue shows a sense of both technologies as well as trust and comfort. In color psychology, darker blue instills calm whereas lighter blues give a sense of technology. This primary pallet encompasses both of those messages. Giving the brand clear direction.

Icon vs Text

makerslide logo design icon use


The icon, as simple as it seems, stands strong even without the logo-text. Making sure the broken elements still remain recognizable. The icon resembles a piece of wood, The main text of the logo extruded from this. It also acts as an awesome favicon for the site where less is more.

makerslide logo design text use


The way the design is set up easily allows the stand-alone logo text to still hold true to the company. I thoroughly researched the correct typography and decided on one that emphasizes straight cuts similar to that of a CNC machine. In saying that, anyone that builds a connection with the brand is more than likely to easily recognize the text.

Black & White

makerslide logo design white on black example
makerslide logo design black on white example

I have seen some logo's designed in Photoshop. With a filesize nearing 500MB. This is obviously not ideal. All my logo designs keep in mind that any future use could likely call for re-sizing. To say... A billboard or building wrap. That's why I design with a bunch of aspects in mind.

The above is how the logo would go across to Black and white. For either mass scale printing or in-house office use. Say for a fax or invoice, any printed material will without a doubt look as professional as humanly possible.

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