Above the Line

LunchBar is a well known South African chocolate brand that launched its limited edition triple choc. Everything chocolate! The ads were to put a humorous twist on that. The idea of three being the sweetest number. This was a concept we did to pitch to the client. Although this never came to pass I still feel it deserves a spot on my site, even just for quirk or a little laugh.

The big "idea"

lunch bar print advertising introduction image

Any form of communication that sparks an emotional response is definitely a win. Comedy is one of the most powerful emotions to envoke with advertising. The feelgood spark that creates a brand connection, lighting up someone's day will likely get you the sale.

These ads were one part of a bigger concept.A fun quirky and edgy campaign that could do amazingly well if it's pushed into the market.

The adds

Risky enough to grab attention. Not quite risky enough to create an uproar. I love ideas that break free of "safe" advertising. A very fine line between overly risky and just enough to get a giggle.

lunch bar print advertising bra advert image
lunch bar print advertising dog advert image
lunch bar print advertising water cannon advert image

All three adds depict how "all good things come in three". As with the product, the big focus being on triple choc. We create ads to match, in a fun and quirky way showing how much fun can be had with three times the amount. The bra, out of all of these by far the riskiest, however, all three adverts are set to definitely create a laugh.

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