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Laetitia Kenny is a South African Award-winning photographer. Well known in a number of Johannesburg photographic circles. Her work is unique and shows massive skill. The build is simple and focused on the work rather than placing focus on added features and intricate styling. This site accompanied a logo design, viewable here: LKPhotography Logo Design.

lkphotography website design introduction image

TThe site was built using a CMS, this allows the client to actively and as simply as possible adjust any and all imagery at her own steam. I did build with that in mind and made use of the easiest techniques I know that allow her to do so without needing any developer knowledge.

The website is simple, greatly making use of custom CSS to fully set the look and feel I was going for. Rather than building huge intricate pages, the photography becomes the main focus. visually showing off her skills and all of her past work.Both logo and styling follow a very simple mono-tone design and assures any and all images "pop" out.

Behind the scenes

With the advent of Wordpress, the net has started showcasing more-and-more of these builds. Roughly 28% of the entirety of websites out there. These numbers are definitely there for a reason. Wordpress uses PHP to output all CSS, JS and HTML code that would usually be done manually. Custom builds take much longer and becomes more time consuming than a Content management system like Wordpress. I personally love Wordpress and know how far it can actually be taken.


The site is simple to navigate, easy to use and shows off the work beautifully. The below pages are set-up to not only get indexed as well as possible but also for User Experience and ease of use.

Landing Page

lkphotography website design pages home preview

The homepage is the first page your visitors see. This design takes that into consideration and tells a story through the photography. Rather than immediately giving users all the information, we leave more for the imagination. Getting a much lower bounce rate.


lkphotography website design pages about preview

An about page showcases all information related to the artist. Usually search engines prefer written content, however, with a website that uses little to no text, this becomes extremely difficult. This can be viewed as the main page for SEO. Photographer specific content to inform anyone interested.


lkphotography website design pages gallery preview

A full gallery with subsequent sections. Each section showcases a separate gallery based on the nature of the photography. Showing each service individually is a great way for people to get to the exact page they are looking for, not necessary to syphon through all the work they are looking for.


lkphotography website design pages contact preview

A simple contact page that uses a contact form makes it easy for any potential people interested in using her skills to get in touch with her. Simple to use and not over-filled with information. Only the most important pages were built into the website. Getting users straight to the section they are looking for.


The site is fully optimized for both mobile and desktop. The growing use of handheld devices makes an unresponsive site a very bad aspect of any company. With roughly 60% of internet users viewing sites on handheld devices, this is a must have for any future success.

lkphotography website responsive mobile

Mobile far surpasses any other form of devices used to view websites. Far surpassing both desktop and tablets. An optimized mobile site is a must-have in a technology-driven era.

lkphotography website responsive tablet

Fully optimized for tablets and larger screen devices. The site automatically re-sizes for these devices individually making for great user experience and awesome viewer satisfaction.

Technical SEO - Page Speed

Website page speed plays a massive role in both how your users view your website as well as what search engines prefer. An often overlooked factor considered to not be a massive influence in SEO. However, with a website that has, it's technical factors on-point as well as adjusted meta information and link building tactics, any site is likely to go to #1 of any keyword specific google search.

lkphotography website seo mobile page speed result

Getting a load time of 2 seconds is nothing short of amazing, with sites struggling to come close to a load time of 5 seconds, this website is by far something exceptional. This can be reduced even more with server adjustments and running content from a CDN. I am quite confident that I could get this time to 1 second flat with a little bit of fine-tuning.

Google uses their own form of mobile preferred pages called AMP(Accelerated mobile pages) these naturally rank much higher than any other builds if the off-page SEO is done properly. This site by far surpasses the majority.

lkphotography website seo google page speed result
lkphotography website seo gtmetrix page speed result
lkphotography website seo pingdom page speed result

The above tests show some amazing scores. Clocking in speeds higher than 90% of websites out there. This by far sets the site up for success. Bearing in mind the only SEO done for the website was on-page, this is an amazing building block for future growth.

The website was tested on three major tools namely: Google page speed, GTMetrix, and Pingdom. Each of these shown amazing results. These can be adjusted even further to get a faster speed still.

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