Corporate Identity

Laetitia Kenny is a well respected and multi-award winning Johannesburg based photographer. She does a wide variety of shoots. Ranging from school shoots all the way through fine art and photo manipulation. She is well known for her part in the South African photography association(I think that's what they call it). The logo itself was designed as an added extra to a brand new website I built for her. Viewable here: LK Photography Website Design.

lkphotography logo design introduction image

Bearing in mind the nature of the artist and through thorough thought (try to say it quickly) the logo itself acts as a signature. Not far from the general signatures all professional photographers use. This signature however still holds to my personal design preference of simplification in regards to the brand establishment.

Simple yet effective design. The Logo type is based on a grid-like that of "the rule of thirds" used in the majority of professional shots. Assuring future shots and watermarks follow the same guidelines. Never detracting, always visually pleasing.

Behind the scenes

There is a reason many in-experienced designers often opt for over-cluttered work. The "why didn't I think of that" type of visual communication. Simplicity in design that often looks like anyone can do it is at times the best type of design, the term "you make it look so simple" comes to mind.

Color Scheme

lkphotography logo design white on black image
lkphotography logo design black on white image

Placing focus on the photography and the body of work, the logo stays to a complete full black and white. As evident on the website which can be viewed on my website. The work has a much more powerful impact. Colors immediately pop out. Flat design with the content becoming the major focus.

Some fantastic shots that greatly showcases Laetitia's skills in the field. A simple and straightforward logo to match. Similar to that of black & white photography the branding takes on a classic form.

The rule of thirds

lkphotography logo design rule of thirds image
lkphotography logo design rule of thirds example image

In photography and design terms, the rule of thirds is considered the most pleasing composition of elements. Especially when shooting landscapes and images with a great deal of negative space, emphasizing on the most important element. Immediately drawing the eye.

This Design is based on exactly that. Leading the eye to the focus point and similarly falling in with the shot. No matter the photography type, this logo remains pleasing throughout everything.

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