Corporate Identity

Hoosen Wadiwala attorneys is a Johannesburg based law firm that specializes in employment law. Things such as employment agreements, independent contractor/consultancy agreements, labor broker / temporary employment service agreements and collective agreements with a good amount of other consultancy services. The company is well over 10 years old and still going strong. I was approached to not only design a logo for them but recreate the entire brand. All the way from brand bible and collateral through to website and digital.

hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo design introduction image

The brief was simple. To establish the company more as a boutique rather than a law firm. A well-established specialist company in the field of South African labor law. This was somewhat of a tricky job. The reason being the high risk I run with such a well-established firm. The main reason for the design direction is more a sense of refinement rather than drastic change.

TKnowing full well the sudden change in look could jeopardize the already generated client base and trust the company has gained. The logo was seen over thoroughly and thought went into making the brand as professional as it could possibly be.

Beyond face value

When focusing on more established clients that have already made a name for themselves, it becomes a different ball game. The number of aspects that go into the design increases ten-fold. How will the already loyal clients receive the logo? How will new clients receive it? The design should be as thorough as possible. Assured that the brand will not get completely lost in its make-over. Unless that is the desired result. This design still aims to keep the brand true to who they were and still completely recognizable to the target audience.

Color Choice

hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo design color primary example

Primary Color

The above is the complete color breakdown as set out in the brand bible. Strict Pantone specific colors are used for the primary and secondary color scheme. This assures all material from print all the way through to digital follow these exact guidelines and never stray off the desired brand identity.

hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo design color secondary example

Secondary color

The secondary color i.e "Prairie grass" works in complete synchronicity with the primary color. Both soft pastel colors aren't "in your face" vibrant but still visible. Creating a sense of trust and professionalism. Carefully chosen to compliment each other and in so doing, also compliment the brand.


hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo design orientation landscape example


Ticking all the boxes for an effective brand establishment, the logo can easily be used as a portrait element. This comes in handy with e-mail signatures and multiple other media types.

hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo design orientation portrait example


Many times the need for elongated portrait forms of communication such as letterheads etc. where space might prove an obstacle. The portrait logo-type assures any and all possible factors have a solution.

Icon vs Text

hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo design iconography example


Both icon and text were designed to work completely independent of each other. The one still completely recognizable without the other. What this allows is that either can be used on more forms of media than they would allow if they were merged.

hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo text example


The logo-text still completely recognizable regardless of the wording separate from the icon. This can be used in either portrait or landscape depending on what the media allows. Giving the design much more flexibility and assuring the brand never gets distorted.

Greyscale/Black & White

hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo design black on white example
hoosen wadiwala attorneys logo design white on black example

Good design extends much further than simply cut and paste of "cool" imagery. The logo has a massive role to play in how professional your company comes across. For that very reason, I consider every element I can possibly think of.

The black & white logo assures any printed material or marketing media type allows for a crisp and clean full black or white logo, never a grey faded out print-out. The details are what make for a successful company after all.

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