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Grosky's is a Krugersdorp based restaurant and steakhouse with the best craft beer and most delicious food Johannesburg has to offer. Looking out onto the beautiful surroundings this is the ideal place for anyone looking for sundowners and potentially catching the Rugby game. The site was also accompanied by a full photography shoot from me, viewable here: Restaurant photography to show the venue off properly and Food Photography To get those taste buds going.

groskys restaurant website design introduction image

A combination of great photography and simple SEO ready website design sets this build up for success. When it comes to local SEO you can really fully hone in on your target audience. With little to no competition, the site is set to take over the entire niche. Grosky's is a classic grill house that serves the food everyone loves. A sense of good, classic dining.

The build is extremely simple to keep within budget and take the venue into a simple, online hosted booking gateway and menu selection. Creating a space for pre-dining selection and making sure you have your seat reserved without even picking up the phone.

Behind the scenes

Wordpress takes up at least 28% of the entire internet. With sufficient knowledge on not only how to populate templates but how to effectively build completely custom sites with some exception in regards to pre-built theme code. Mostly I make good use of custom CSS and JS, combined with some PHP knowledge to get the exact site I'm looking for.


The website is set up for easy navigation, getting users straight to the section that speaks to them. Accompanied by beautiful images, professionally shot, showing off both the venue and the awesome food they offer.

Landing Page

groskys restaurant website design pages home example

The main landing page is likely one of the most important pages on the website. Likely the first page any of your visitors would see. The site is simple yet straight to the point. Showing off both the venue as well as some of the most popular meals.


groskys restaurant website design pages menu example

A full menu with sub-categories. The menu helps ease the stress of getting there and struggling to decide what to eat. A great way to show what the restaurant offers and get information to the patrons as easily as possible.


groskys restaurant website design pages reservation example

An online booking system gives potential patrons the ability to assure a reservation without the need to phone or make an extra effort. This allows immediate decision making and table confirmation in the easiest possible manner.


groskys restaurant website design pages contact example

The website aims to make potential customers go straight from the site to the venue. A contact page with a built-in Google map considers the entire User Experience. From entrance up until they sit down at the restaurant.

Latest News

groskys restaurant website design pages blog example

A blog is a massive tool in SEO, using relevant informative content to push your site as far as possible. I implemented a blog that easily allows users to see all current offers and events. A place for new dishes and DIY Recipes.


This is by far the age of handheld devices, with mobile far surpassing desktop users. A non-responsive website will highly affect any business, for that reason adjusting for all is the only way to move forward.

groskys restaurant website design responsive mobile example

Fully optimized for the majority of mobile devices. In an age where the majority of your target audience uses mobile having a site that is responsive is a must-have.

groskys restaurant website design responsive tablet example

Fully responsive on tablets. The site easily goes across to multiple devices both in portrait and landscape.

Technical SEO - Page Speed

I have heard talk of people who dabble in SEO say that technical factors don't do much for SEO. I believe the complete opposite, however. There is a reason Google has created their very own page speed tools. Bigger pages with quicker load times are generally preferred over the mass amount of slow websites out there. In comparison, with as good a backlink system as your competitor has, the one that will make it to the top will undoubtedly be the one that has it's technical factors set-up correctly.

groskys restaurant seo mobile pagespeed test

Studies show that the average time users are willing to wait for a website to load is around 7 seconds. Anything over that will greatly affect your visitor loss. Going up in percentage with every second added to your load time. Google implements AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) as a factor now, showing them as preferred in search results. Having a site that fully loads within 5 seconds on mobile greatly reduces your potential visitor loss and give users a more than optimal experience.

Far too many websites loads in a time greater than 7 seconds. A seemingly small issue that could have a massive impact on your reach and bounce rate. This all in-turn fully affects your SEO. Making the site more preferred than any of the slower competitor sites.

groskys restaurant seo google pagespeed test
groskys restaurant seo gtmetrix pagespeed test
groskys restaurant seo pingdom pagespeed test

The above images are snapshots of tests run on the site. Well, know page speed testing websites, Google page-speed insights, Pingdom and GTmetrix. All three of these show insanely quick page loading times, these can quite easily reach close to 100/100 with a little extra work. The site is mostly tested abroad in places like Australia and Sweden and still retains amazing speed.

The results are by far above average, smashing any competition looking to rank the same as this site. With a marketing push and some SEO tactics, the site is made to take over the entire niche.

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