Web Design

The Great Moscow Circus returns to South Africa! Amazing acts with groundbreaking performances. This website was specifically designed for the SA tour, showing all information and showcasing the performances. I was working at a company called "breed social media" when I designed this so only the visual aspect of the website is from me. The build was done by the company. The initial design for approvals, as well as all the site-imagery and layout, was created by me.

great moscow circus web design introduction image

The website is built using a CMS namely WordPress. One of my preferred platforms for some of my very own builds. This is a single page scroller only linking out rather than other page sections. Single page-scrollers are a beast on their own, giving all the necessary information on one page rather than many sub-pages.

As stated above, my job was to create the initial design and completely layout the website pre-build. Also adjusting and creating all imagery and iconography. Assuring crisp clean imagery and icon use that closely relates to the brand.

More than just a backflip

Knowing how to completely optimize images and keep them remaining crisp on the web is an art on its own. With the possibility of either overoptimizing and risking bad quality or underoptimizing and risking massive pages with high load times. All visuals and site layout was done to fully compliment the build. A visual experience that creates a journey of wonder.


The website makes use of sections rather than separate pages to deliver a message. A very good way to serve all information in one place, however for technical SEO not necessarily the best. A high bounce rate is to be expected. Regardless though the nature of the site is better used without unnecessary subpage scrolling and getting all information in one click.

Hero Banner

great moscow circus web design home section preview

A clean and crisp banner leads the viewer in. With an actionable button and a spark of interest. All the above the fold content is what "grabs" users. The hero banner does exactly that. Sparking interest and asking users to scroll further down.


great moscow circus web design booking section preview

To create a good cta, not too far down the scroll. An online booking image with relevant information incentivizes an easy to use quick and effective booking system. Ideal for immediate action while the hype is still fresh in website visitor's thoughts.


great moscow circus web design gallery section preview

A gallery showcasing all the performers and past performances help create a sense of wonder. Beautiful images of amazing performers. This section is more than ideal for anyone still wondering whether or not to buy tickets to the event.


great moscow circus web design performers section preview

This section hosts a full breakdown of each of the performers. There are no visuals here designed by me, however, the entire frontend site structure was adjusted by me. This is, even more, an incentive for the amazing talent showcased.

Technical SEO - Page Speed

Again, I was not part of the back-end whatsoever. The below is only a means of comparison to what can be achieved in some of my previous projects. Pagespeed is a massive factor in on-page SEO and how Google prefers to index your site.

great moscow circus seo mobile page speed score

My average load time after compression seems to come to roughly 5 seconds. This seems to be the general overall score I receive. With more attention to detail and a few tweaks that can easily be reduced to roughly 2 seconds or even 1 with fine-tuning. A load time of 25 seconds puts the site close to the majority. Generally, the majority of viewers click out after 7 seconds. Usually very unlikely that generic visitors will wait for much longer than that.

This site, however, is scoring a 25 second load time which is far from ideal. Making your estimated visitor loss close to 40%. On some of my other builds where I had a hand in the actual back-end of the website the estimated visitor loss is far below 10%. The test was run on Google's mobile speed test and optimized pages are by far a huge factor in both SEO as well as UX design.

great moscow circus seo google page speed score
great moscow circus seo gtmetrix page speed score
great moscow circus seo pingdom page speed score

The above images show a load time not well accepted by most search engines or users. The tests were run on some well-known tools like "Google page speed, GTMettrix, and Pingdom". Showing slow load times for both the site as well as the server.

Compared to at least 98% of my websites that have opted for compressed websites score way above average, with quick load times, encrypted files and high performance.

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