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Through the line advertising


Full 360 Degree Advertising campaigns. I have a good amount of knowledge on the majority of media types. With that said, I am most proficient when it comes to print advertising, television, outdoor advertising, and ambient campaigns. Sound knowledge of above the line marketing combined with below the line is a recipe for success.


Print Advertising


Above the line print campaigns. The below are campaigns mostly done for magazines and other forms of mass media advertising. These print ads are finely crafted and special care is taken when it goes out to the presses. With sound DTP knowledge, I know what good creative should look like.


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Outdoor Advertising


All forms of above the line print and outdoor advertising. From billboards through to Ambient. These campaighns are done to scale and flighted by the company either chosen by client or sourced by me.




Above and below the line film advertising and moving imagery. These are a collection of through the line video edits and motion graphics. Exported for each individual channel, ready to air as and when needed.


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Promotional Advertising


Below the line print and ambient advertising. This is mainly promotional material and POS type of advertising. Considered more as below the line, it deserves a spot here as it is still a form of mass scale marketing.


Online Advertising


Social media marketing and advertising. The best sales funnel available. This is considered below the line, however, the lines seem to be blurred. Fully integrated campaigns go above and beyond when done in unison. A digital campaign that's equally as powerful as an above the line push can make for an extremely successful way of marketing.


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