Above the Line

Flying Fish South Africa is a flavored beer company that supplies Africa with some of the most delicious alcoholic beverages around. A combination of quirk and creative, a concept that's sure to see a return. This was an "idea" we came up with, with the intention of pitching to client, however, this never quite came to pass. Nonetheless, I believe the campaign more than deserves a spot on my site. A great idea that becomes an entire journey. The campaign was geared around social media, print and outdoor advertising, viewable here: Flying Fish Outdoor Advertising.

The idea

flying fish print advertising introduction image

A spin on the "this brand speaks for itself" type of advertising(personally I'm not a fan). Taking the clutter that surrounds everyday advertising and adding a completely new twist to a massively over-used form of communication. The classic beer or drink advert, beautifully shot. Hops and barley in the foreground, the freshly cracked dring trickles with water droplets, some almonds, maybe a slice of cheese, the possibilities are endless. This campaign is exactly that. Expected but not at all.

The overall time an ad has to grip someone is something like 4 seconds, even less perhaps. We focused more on the subconscious rather than the "in-your-face" approach. Considering someone would view the add exactly as they would any other.

The adds

We delve a little deeper into psychology and how to subconsciously spark interest, we do this using a little trick I call... Useless information. Although, not too useless.

flying fish print advertising chewing gum image
flying fish print advertising crocodile image
flying fish print advertising toothbrush image

The visual aspect of the ads looks exactly like that of any other form of alcohol advertising. And hopefully, viewers will see it as exactly that, spend a second or two to view it, read the copy and flip the page. A few seconds later doing a second take and flipping back. The copy is a string of interesting yet useless information. The strap-line reads "who gives a flying fish". This is the main push to in-store. The final part of the journey would be at local retailers and restaurants. A bright luminescent light with the flying fish logo lighting up the background. The neon sign reads... We give a flying fish.

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