Above the Line

Flying Fish is a flavored beer crafted to perfection in South Africa. One of SA's most loved drinks. This is a concept we did for them, meant to present but never did. I do feel that the "big idea" is extremely strong and it would be a shame not to share it.

flying fish outdoor advertising wednesdays example image

So... Who really gives a flying fish? Granted, this isn't the newest idea, however, the way we set the entire journey up puts these ads aside from all the rest. A journey if you would... Hinting at but not explicitly screaming the idea out.

Flying Fish as a brand is known for uniqueness. Both in the flavoured beer, they sell as well as the visuals they use to market themselves. Taking this into account and also looking at the target audience, these ads make for a great piece of communication. This was an entire campaign, the print ads can be viewed here: Flying fish print advertising

The big idea

Advertising as a whole is greatly polluting our daily visual lives. With ads just done without any thought behind them. Sure, well-crafted advertising is awesome. However, well-crafted advertising that lacks concept can easily just be looked over without any second thought. The campaign took into account that most viewers lose interest after something like 4 seconds. So not much time to grasp their attention. The campaign aims to break that stigma, creating something truly unique.

The ads

This was an entire campaign, set-up to be a journey. That is how it would be best viewed.

flying fish outdoor advertising Lager example image
flying fish outdoor advertising wednesdays example image

The journey starts both here as well as by the print adverts. We show a beautiful image, crafted to perfection, with images as close to competitor brands as possible. The barley and hops beautifully laid out on the table, the cold chiseling beer freshly opened. We read further, scroll across the copy and move on... But wait, what did I just read? Random facts set the campaign aside, interesting yet out of place. The second take is what gets the viewers interested.

flying fish ambient coasters example image

The final phase of the journey ends up in country-wide retailers, the strap-line on all the above the line communication reads "who gives a flying fish". The idea the moves over to pubs and restaurants that stock flying fish. A sign illuminating the background. The sign reads... "We give a flying Fish" The campaign also extends to social media. Allowing beer lovers alike to create their very own useless sayings. Or useful... Either, or.

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