Digital Design

Doppio Zero South Africa web banner design to push a well-known restaurant and some of Johannesburg's best food. A restaurant that is known for their art in delicacies. Sporting a combination of bakery meets dining. DZ is by far one of the city, if not the country's best restaurants around.

The idea

doppio zero web banner design generic

Some of the web banners and social media imagery was a collection of work done over a period of roughly two years. The banners extended across a good deal of social media and digital channels. Depending on the task at hand each banner had a specific purpose, either as a generic branding or as a campaign specific marketing push.

These were all mostly created to show off delicious food and the awesome scenery. Custom designed visuals add a touch of professionalism to any brand.

Banner Ads

Great visual tend to get twice the response a text-only advert does. With that in mind, custom designed images that relay a message is undoubtedly the best way to create awareness around a new campaign.

doppio zero web banner design craft beer
doppio zero web banner design winter menu 2015
doppio zero web banner design winter menu

As creative group head at my previous company, I ran both the studio as well as designed all social media images. These were always consistent and spanned across two years, not ever letting up on design quality.

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