Doppio Zero Fresh campaign video edit for one of Johannesburg's most renowned restaurant chains. Serving delicious food to awesome patrons. The DZ Fresh is an annual campaign run every spring. The focus is on all things healthy and fresh. Smoothies, desserts and all other sorts of fruity things.

The big idea

With the launch of the new DZ Fresh campaign and an integrated mobile app, these videos along with some photography aim to show the dishes off as elegantly as possible. An on-demand eye pleasing short clip of the freshest food around.

All videos were shot as an ad-hoc part of the campaign, without the budget for proper equipment, all tracking and panning had to be done as creatively as possible. The video was shot on a normal SLR without any form of stabilization.

I was on set, directing the shoot and doing all post-production edits and video ready adjustments. These turned out pretty well considering how it was done. Given better equipment, this could be shot much better.

Final Edits

This was a campaign and there were some other edits, viewable below

All videos are meant to show the dishes off as creatively as possible. Styling them exactly as we'd like to view them.

Each edit had a dash of originality, the final touch if you would. This all added to the final results. The cherry on the cake, or the mint on the ice-cream.

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