Corporate Identity

CVRight South Africa is a company that specializes in custom-made resume's and setting up professional social profiles that assure candidates a job interview. This allows individuals the security that they come across professionally. Well, set up for the job market, assuring an interview and a spot in the door.

cvright logo design introduction image

The logo design forms part of an entire startup package I offer. Combined with business cards, website design, on-page SEO, Adwords setup, Analytics setup, social media, business cards and brand bible design. All elements viewable on my site. The logo itself remains simple and says exactly what it needs to.

Both the main letters i.e CV sit comfortably in one single element. A right tickmark inside a question box. The font carefully was chosen to be inline with the brand. Taken throughout the entirety of the design. Clever yet not distracting from the main message.

Beyond face value

Seeing a brand through from start to finish is something in itself. Seeing the origin and planning for the future, the bigger picture that comes with the brand establishment. The initial design is one of the most important elements to dictate a company's success. For this reason. Colors, icons and text above and beyond all other elements are carefully selected. To suit the brand essence and build something successful from the initial launch.

Full color

cvright logo design full color image

The full-color design makes use of a two-color pallet. Well chosen in terms of color psychology and what the brand sets out to achieve. Bright and colorful while similarly approachable. Just like a candidate for a new job.

Both colors work in complete synergy. Both complimented each other equally. The color was also well selected to work well across all other forms of marketing and media.

Color breakdown

cvright logo design primary color image

Primary Color

The primary color is immediately visible, striking and approachable. The color of growth and flourishing. The same need potential customers have. To put down strong roots and grow.

cvright logo design secondary color image

Secondary color

The secondary color is meant to instill trust while at the same time give a feel of playfulness. Blue, as it stands, creates calm and trust while a lighter shade still creates a sense of drive and action.


cvright logo design orientation landscape image


The above is how the logo would be used as a landscape piece of branding. This comes in handy when we consider different media types and a need for a longer log-type.

cvright logo design orientation portrait image


For media that becomes more elongated, a portrait landscape would best suit the design. With that in mind, the logo effortlessly does so by design.

Icon vs Text

cvright logo design iconography image


The icon was designed with simplicity in mind, still memorable even without the logo-text. As a brand icon and getting straight to the point. Simple, yet intricate enough to stay present in consumer's thoughts.

cvright logo text design image


Due to careful typeface choice, the logo-text remains unique and speaks straight to the brand. Staying as memorable as possible even when stripped to it's utmost core elements.

Greyscale/Black & White

cvright logo design white on black image
cvright logo design black on white image

I always try and consider as many factors as possible when designing a brand's identity. How will it look faded? How will it look printed in black & white? will it still be visible if it's printed on mass media? How does it go across to digital? Each and everyone one of these factors can drastically affect the design.

For that reason, I strip the design to it's most basic form. Showing how it would look no matter what the situation.

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