Corporate Identity

CVRight South Africa Brand Bible Design. The company is a Johannesburg based customized resume supplier. With that said, a well established corporate identity is detrimental to a brand that helps brand individuals. This was in part done to compliment the logo design. Viewable here: CVRight South Africa logo design.

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As a startup brand, the visual identity is often overlooked. Merely opting for a logo is to an extent somewhere to start, yet only so much can be derived from the look and feel. Clearly setting the groundwork is a massive headstart in a successful company.

All elements in the brand bible are clearly thought through. Establishing the guidelines for any and all creative work moving forward. What this means is consistent communication with little space for fault. A consistent brand is a successful brand in the long haul.

Behind the scenes

WWhen crafting a fresh brand, it comes with a considerable amount of foresight. Establishing both visual as well as written guidelines to any and all communication. A reference for consistency if you will. This very same document is supplied to media houses, marketing agencies and printing companies that act as third-party communicators.


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cvright brand bible design introduction image

A visually pleasing design creates an equally appealing experience. The basics of the design clearly establishes quality and in turn asks for quality creative from those that might peruse the pages.

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Clearly stating our mission and what we wish to achieve. The above pages are detrimental to our brand essence. This ensures we are on track with the end goal. A clearly defined goal that drives the brand forward.

Visual Identity

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You have to know the rules before you can break them. Clearly establishing the foundation not only ensures consistency, yet also gives space for creatives to build upon. These guidelines are generally good practice when brand specific elements are used.

The established rules give space for growth. A strong foundation alleviates additional time spent on figuring out the brand and in turn gives more time for out of the box thinking.

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Color Usage & Font Options

Color choice is a big factor in how users receive your brand. When adequate research on color psychology has been done, we start focusing on the subconscious of what these colors convey. The Pantone specific breakdown assures consistent and accurate portrayal of the brand's essence.

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cvright brand bible design color variations image
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In a similar fashion, each individual font typeface has it's very own personality. We choose the font carefully and assure it works in unison with all other elements. Every aspect of the brand working together in unity.

Brand Imagery

Clearly establishing our visual communication and being thoughtful of what imagery we wish to use in our marketing material creates both consistency and gives clear instruction to photographers when we send out our messaging. With that said, unity between both above the line advertising as well as digital representation is possible.

cvright brand bible design brand imagery
cvright brand bible design imagery examples

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