Semantic UI Website Design

Coinswish is a South-African based cryptocurrency company that gives users the opportunity to invest, mine and buy both bitcoin as well as altcoin. The website makes use of custom coded scripting, built using Semantic UI, which is why it comes across as more of an app based site as opposed to your generic web design. This in-part formed a package, which included a logo design. Viewable here: Coinswish logo design

coinswish web design introduction image

The site updates consistently with the most current currency information available. The front-end is fully custom, making use of Semantic UI. What this means, is that all HTML gets pulled from a library completely independent of the standard script, the look and feel over-all, that of an app using widgets rather than a common day website.

The custom code without using a CMS such as Wordpress allows for a much cleaner build, which in turn means much better load times and better over-all code structure as opposed to using a web builder.


The type of HTML and CSS allows and much more creative and interactive design. Easy to call animations, rather than using Javascript and adding to the overall bulk of the site.


coinswish web design semantic ui image

Fully custom styling allows a unique look & feel. Something that sets this site apart from any and all competitors. Images are retina ready and the main links are interactive and pleasing to the click.


coinswish web design features widgets image

Quick and easy market views. The home page widget shows quick and seamlessly what the current trade value is. Making this an informative page aside from a functional website.


coinswish web design support page preview image

The major links take on the same styling as that established on the home page. Interactive on mouse-over and retaining an app-like look and feel. Rather than skipping on design quality, the site embraces it.


coinswish responsive web design image

Scaled to fit

Naturally, with the wide variety of devices we use to browse the web, an optimized website is a must! Scaling to fit each device accordingly. The site is fully optimised for desktop, tablet as well as mobile. All "widgets" and other elements collapse appropriately and don't detract from the overall design. A pleasant experience across the board.

On-page SEO - Site compression

The faster the site, the better. Because the build makes use of Semantic UI and sports clean and well structured code, it's easy to compress all elements. This means faster page speed, lower bounce rates and an over-all better experience.

coinswish seo google page speed test image
coinswish seo gtmetrix page speed test image
coinswish seo pingdom tools page speed test image

The above screenshots show how the site performs when run through three separate tool. Namely, Pingdom speed tools, Google speed test, and GTMetrix. Over-all the numbers look good and the site loads fully at around 4 seconds. Anything after that runs the risk of losing a considerable amount of page traffic.

Site Security

sll secures site badge image

As this is a site dealing with digital transactions as the basis. Assuring security wherever possible is detrimental to it's success. The domain runs through Cloudflare and get's encrypted before it gets served to the requested browser.

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