Corporate Identity

Coinswish is an up-and-coming cryptocurrency company that helps you invest and trade bitcoin and altcoin. The logo was designed to fit. Taking a less conventional approach, the logomark has some edge to it. Assuring it connects to the desired target audience. This was done as part of a design package. Accompanied by a website design. Viewable here: Coinswish website design.

coinswish logo design introduction image

Rather than stating the obvious and having the elements that directly relay the message of investing etc. We had a look at the target audience and considered what connects with them. Bearing in mind, the majority of potential investors are trendsetters as well as entrepreneurs.

Having a design that connects with the more reserved would've proven a waste of advertising real estate. Something more creative and out of the box will surely get the business. Keeping the right target audience invested and building brand loyalty from the get-go.

Behind the scenes

Designing with your audience in minds is the first step to any aspiring brand. Establishing that brand is the hard part. The logo takes into account a variety of different media types and application. Making sure whatever marketing material is used, comes across brand specific and without flaw.

The design

coinswish logo design logo mark preview


The final logo was designed with the golden ratio in mind. How the icon sits vs the text and the final icon design. This makes for an over all pleasing design. Well weighted and well structured. Making sure the final design is impactful and immediately recognised.


coinswish logo design orientation landscape image


As will all effective brand creation, significant though is given to how the final artwork moves across to different types of material. The Landscape mark still holds true to good execution and remains visible as part of the company collateral.

coinswish logo design orientation portrait image


Over all, the most desired form of the brand collateral. A portrait logo like this one works flawlessly across all types of collateral. Where needed this get's swapped out for the landscape version however this design ticks all the boxes where applicable.

Icon vs Text

coinswish logo design iconography image


The icon is created to work completely independent of the text. Assuring both icon and text work both together as well as separately where the need arises.

coinswish logo text design image


The text is created with recognisability in mind. The solid Bold brings out the more important aspect, where-as the italics place emphasis on the rest of the name. This style gets taken throughout the entirety of all marketing material.

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