Above the Line

Cartrack is a well know South African company that specializes in vehicle recovery and fleet management. Holding true to the brand, although a risky and still gets the message across as effectively as possible. A take on current events and communication geared for current happenings made this an extremely successful print advert.


cartrack print advertising introduction image

So... This advert was quite risky, however, as the saying goes... High risk, high reward. The advert was printed the day after the news that Bin Laden had been found dead by American soldiers. The ad focused on this very aspect. Taking the current event and turning it into a print advert.

The main copy reads "it took the CIA 10 years, it could've taken us 10 minutes". A pretty big statement. The result was quite amazing, my creative director fearing a bomb could be dropped at her doorstep. She also received a request to be featured on a Muslim radio channel, which she gracefully declined.

The "risk" factor

With great risk comes great success. Advertising that keeps with the times, joins in on conversations and give a different perspective. This impromptu type of advertising will without a doubt see immediate results.

cartrack print advertising preview

Above and beyond the response the ad received, not more than three pages before the ad was an article written on it. Can you say, double exposure? It was published in the Sunday Times, the article titled "Osama ad sails close to the wind" still viewable online via that exact phrase.

With that said, My Creative Director at the time was also contacted and asked to feature on a radio station, to discuss the advert. Which, didn't quite happen. A pretty good turnout for a once-off.

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