Corporate Identity

Candi Apple Promotions & Events is a company that focuses on supplying Johannesburg with top-notch entertainment. Hot ladies, hot events and even hotter... errrrrr... Everything. The logo was done to match. The dripping apple speaks an obvious sexy undertone.

candi apple logo design introduction image

This logo was designed with a co-pilot. The client insisting on shouting instructions as a bang away on my keyboard and mouse. If you are a designer, you'll know all too well the dread that accompanies this. However, with my design ability, speaking the client through the process. We bargained on fewer frileys and more design.

The logo as unique as it can be, trying my best to not follow bad design practice still perfectly brings the brand across flawlessly. Speaking exactly to what the client requires.

Behind the scenes

So... How does this logo design stand out from the rest? Well... keeping withing the strict simplistic design I prefer for almost all my logo designs, this logo stands strong because of exactly that. Simplicity with a dash of intricacy.

Full color on Primary

candi apple logo full color example image

Naturally red being the color of passion and cherry red the color of naughty behavior. This logo takes on a simple color scheme. Al color use limited to one with a stroke that can be adjusted based on the marketing material. The color choice makes for a very striking un-missable design. One that is sure to be noticed.

The thought behind this was to keep the primary color on primary wherever possible. Turning the entire artwork into a noticeable piece of advertising material. The logotype is broken apart by a heavy stroke. This serves as both an element that draws the eye and similarly something that gets complimented by the artwork.

Icon vs Text

candi apple logo text example image


The typeface was carefully selected. Still readable on all forms of media. Curly but not overly decorative. The fine line between good design and over-use of unreadable elements. Still keeping to the brand positioning and the naughty nature that is the company.

candi apple logo iconography example image


The icon itself remains simple and easily distinguishable even without the logo-text. Should the need arise for only the icon to be used on any form of branding, it still strikes interest through the design style. Somewhat abstract to spark interest.

Black & White

candi apple logo white on black example image
candi apple black on white example image

As with all corporate branding design, a certain amount of foresight is required in regards to how the logo goes across to all other forms of media. Keeping in mind that there is a massive likelihood the logo will need to be printed on straight black or on white. As is the case with letterheads, invoices and allot of other company collateral.

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