Above the Line

BP is one of the biggest sponsors of the annual Metro FM Music Awards. These adverts were meant to push the brand and create a collaboration with both brands. The ads were centered around local Zalebs. A simple idea to drive sales in-store.

bp metro fm outdoor advertising introduction image

The entire campaign was centered around the target audience, speaking exactly to them. If for some reason the ads don't quite make sense, don't worry, you aren't the target audience. We had a full day to shoot, all celebs dressed by artists on the scene. My role was to first and foremost, come up with the overall concept, direct the shoot and do all the final artwork.

This campaign was well received by the general public. Those who listen to the featured artists. Included in these were also a set of print adverts and an entire elevator wrap. print adverts can be viewed here: BP Metro FM Music Awards print advertising

The big idea

We took some of the artists we were 90% sure would win an award and put them in situations similar to that of an award ceremony. Wel... We turned BP into an award ceremony. Sporting all the hottest celebs, walking down red-carpets, waiting for the taxi to the event and busing filling up on their way. Some of the celebs included Oskido, Touch & Refilwe and much more. The ads specifically focus on a South African target audience, making sure we connect the way communication should.

The ads

The below three adverts were spread across South Africa. Some print and some outdoor.

bp metro fm outdoor advertising nandi image
bp metro fm outdoor advertising oskido image
bp metro fm outdoor advertising touch & refilwe image

The shoot itself was fun, a mix of three different creatives created a more than ample outcome. A greatly skilled photographer on the shoot as well as an illustrator all assisted me in getting the desired end-result. Final re-touching and print-ready artwork was supplied over the festive season so a bit of a hassle, however, everything worked out in the end and the ads were perfect.

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