Web Design

Astrum Technologies South Africa Website Design. A B2B software seller that provide businesses with tailormade solutions. Specializing in GMT and RMT routers. This was phase 2 of the entire project, the first phase viewable here: Astrum Technologies Logo Design.

astrum technologies web design introduction

As a technology supplier, the design needed to follow suit. In a similar fashion apple makes use of clean white space, this build relies on equally clean design. The initial look established through the logo and then further elaborated on the website.

Easy to navigate, simple to use and ideal UI implementation assures easy sales and a clean flow from start to finish. In an already complex market, simplicity takes the forefront. Lots of white space with accentuated imagery.

In the brackets

astrum web design semantic ui image

A combination of new age thinking and common day problem solving assures the site is not only appealing to the eye, yet also appealing to Google crawlers.

As a keen user of Semantic UI, the site makes use of the ever descriptive code to assure easy indexing and modern day coding. The final output, a CMS geared towards the future. Semantic CMS themes are a dime a dozen, so I searched high and low. And finally, the result shows what can be achieved.


Specific attention was given to the process flow of the website. How do users get from start to finish and how easy is the entire process? With clear and concise descriptions, the final purchase is seamless.

Home Page

astrum landing page preview

The initial landing page is a clean and simple scroller. This puts any and all additional info on one page, similarly adding SEO value to the page.


astrum pages services preview

A simple service page to clearly display what the brand offers. This leaves no room for question when any site visitor requires additional information.


astrum pages shop preview

The main purpose of the site is online sales. This is a fully functioning e-commerce website that caters for all online purchases


astrum pages single product preview

A clean single product display makes it easy to find additional information pre-purchase. The process is also seamless and simple to use..

Software Support

astrum pages software preview

Considering the company sells routers, an additional page was created for easy digital software downloads. This turns the site into a quick reference for any and all post-purchase support.

Contact Us

astrum pages contact preview

This goes without saying. A simple to use contact page was designed for any and all queries. This sports a contact form with all other necessary information.

Purchase process

astrum pages cart preview
astrum pages checkout preview
astrum pages order tracking preview

The images displayed here show the seamless purchase process. Displaying the cart as well as the Checkout page. Additionally, a fully functioning order tracking page was implemented to easily manage orders made on the site.

Technical SEO - Page Speed

Before we begin. Please note, site optimization was not part of the project scope. The below shows how the build ranks pre-compression, keeping in mind what can be done should optimisation be done.

astrum seo google mobile speed test

or an un-optimized website to load within 6.5 seconds on mobile is an awesome feat. With compression, this will be close to 3 seconds. As a rule, anything that takes longer than 7 seconds to load loses you more than half your potential users. This number gradually declines as the site-load time increases. The ideal load time would be around 4 seconds with CSS pre-loaded to make the site useable before the final paint.

With that said, the feedback was not entirely ideal. For an un-optimized website, however, the numbers put it in the top 70% of global rankings. This should be seen as potential for what can be done. We live in an age of "I-want-it-now" and similarly need to adjust. For this specific brand, however. They are one of the few suppliers and would deserve the wait for final load.

astrum seo google speed test
astrum seo gtmetrix speed test
astrum seo pingdom tools speed test

The above tests were run from reputable site-speed testers. Of these, Google, GTMetrix and Pingdom Tools were used. The readings show good results with space for improvement. With the un-compressed website, the readings put it in the top 70% of sites out there. Overall, not a bad result.

Site Security

Before we begin. Please note, site optimization was not part of the project scope. The below shows how the build ranks pre-compression, keeping in mind what can be done should optimisation be done.

astrum security ssl certificate badge

Naturally, with online purchases. It should be common practice to secure a site and assure user information remains within the site. Not only does this protect online buyers. It also gives the site reputability and establishes trust.

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