TTL Campaign

Think Big

Paratus ATL Art Direction cover Banner
Paratus Project Introduction image


Think Big

A fun and high energy campaign.
The aim of which, to showcase the company's high energy mentality.

Paratus pride themselves as innovaters that get things done! With that said, we were tasked with showing exactly that. A brand essence that entices action. In collaberation with Matter advertising.
Change your mindset... Think Big.

Art Director
2 months

Delivering a quality network in Africa


To accurately communicate the brand essence in an enticing and easy to grasp execution. Generating a campaign and future tone of voice that sets the tone of what the company portrays.

Tasked with creating high impact visuals that highly considers the final target audience.


Based on a good amount of research. Our direction was simple. Communicate a comparison between the high-speed delivered by the company, drawing comparison to our human aspect of get-going and get things done mentality.

With that said, we found some of Africa's best talent in both parkour as well as break dancing to showcase their magnificant feats.

Web Banners

The campaign was over-all intended for above the line advertising. As an adition however... I created these web banner ads to spark some more intirest. This also holds true to a rebrand pre-campaign and sets the tone for future digital application.
All and all... A successfull campaign geared to generate intirest.