Corporate Identity

Antigravity media is a group of individuals driven by capturing festive moments. Starting in the trance scene in Johannesburg, the stepping stones for "the bigger picture". The brand speaks not only to a general audience but connects to the niche that helps feed the workload. The trance scene consists mainly of spiritual people. Delving into the unknown. This logo speaks about exactly that.

antigravity media introduction image

A design that speaks straight to the end consumer, with research on what connects to the same audience the brand caters for. My thought behind this was to take elements straight from the text and build an icon that forms an Egyptian landscape. As this is a great focus on the people that frequent these festivals this is fully focused on them.

A well thought out conceptual logo design taken down to it's most minimal and basic form. Still holding true to the brand essence and visually distinguishable no matter the application.

I don't often brag... too much, however simplifying an idea to its core and still having it resonate with consumers, remaining as creative as possible is my most preferred style. A style that I excel in.

Beyond the surface

So.... What makes this logo more than just a mish-mash of elements? Why would it stand aside from any other design? The answer is simple. With some market research and pre-design planning, the brand is established for success. Understanding the end-consumer and adding to the work produced rather than acting as a container for brand presence.

Icon vs Text

antigravity logo design text


Keeping to the brand essence and what they offer. The logo text resembles that of a television screen glitching out. This doesn't fully distract from the copy itself, however, adds a dash of originality to the text itself. The idea being that both type, as well as iconography, remains recognizable as their own entity.

antigravity logo design iconography


Taking elements straight from the logo text, I created a simplistic yet conceptual icon design that stands as its own unit. The inspiration comes straight from the ancient Egyptians and a landscape similar to that of a festival, being the company niche.

Black & White

antigravity logo design black and white

Keeping in mind what the company offers. Some foresight into how the logo is designed aids allot in how easily the logo will be applied to any future edits. The end credits last for less than 5 seconds and the company should be immediately visible.

For this very reason, my design focused on simplicity and easy readability. Making sure the uniqueness remains as long as possible and the branding gets straight to the point. A fine line between overly simplified and way too complicated.

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