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August 27, 2012
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April 16, 2011

Below the Line


Zambezi Beverages is a South African soft drink brand that imports some of SA's most loved beverages. Some of these include Seltzer Water, Rock Star Energy Drinks, Bundaberg Ginger Beer and four new varieties; Blood Orange, Peachee, Guava, and Pink Grapefruit. This was an exhibition stand I designed and set-up for them.


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xanita board zambezi beverages south africa print

Exhibition artwork for Zambezi, making use of a somewhat new print material called Xanita. This is a remarkable product with so many possibilities. Xanita is a type of cardboard, compressed in such a way that it can handle the weight of up to 1 ton before it starts giving in.

The artwork was fully set up by me. Each panel individually adjusted for all die cuts and extrusions. The company I worked at also had the largest ZUND cutter in SA so the possibilities were endless.

Xanita Boards


At this point in my career, given the company I worked at, I was highly focused on print production. With that, I got to play around with some 3D rendering and doing printed installations that act as furniture.

xanita board jaggermeister print
xanita board zambezi beverages print
xanita board zambezi beverages south africa print
xanita board zambezi beverages print
Sean Viljoen Freelance johannesburg Zambezi Beverages Xanita

The above images are merely some examples of what we did with the Xanita boards. I also put together a fully functional table with chairs that is both cost-effective as well as practical. Truly awesome material with so much potential.

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