Sean Viljoen Freelance johannesburg Lunchbar print advertising
Lunchbar triple choc Print Advertising
August 27, 2015
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer Johannesburg Tropika TIOT6 web banner Mohau
Tropika South Africa TIOT6 web banner design
August 8, 2015

Digital Design


Tropika smoooth fruit juice web banner design. After working on the Tropika brand for close to three years, I have a wide selection of brand-specific design work done in this time, of those, these web banners were crafted for all relevant channels. All generic online advertising as well as the directed marketing communication.


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Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg Tropika web banner design smoooth

In a space of close to three years, before I took freelance on as a full-time job, my past company was handling amongst other, all Tropika social media and digital artwork and marketing. I was head of creative and ran all the visual and conceptual aspects of the brand.

Some of this artwork included web banners for all channels, social media, website and other forms of advertising. This is the artwork I designed.

Banner Ads


These were some of the web banners created. These were the major ones used overall. Aside from campaign specific banner design, these went across to more channels.


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