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February 27, 2017
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February 12, 2017

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Teknotribe South Africa's Psytrance & techno Juggernaut turns 14, featuring the amazing international artist Julien Juweill. 14 years in the game, that is a truly exceptional milestone. more than a decade of techno, the right reason for a solid party!

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Sean Viljoen Freelance johannesburg festival teknotribe 14th bday event design

About the Event

Teknotribe is Johannesburg's leading techno and psytrance leader. Where the scene initially started on this side of the world. For 14 years still going strong, it is by far a milestone that not many record labels have achieved, many have tried and fizzled out along the way.

The party called for a massive celebration, with an international act, the likes of Julien Juweill, one of the best techno artists(completely subjective) in the game. Bringing some of the freshest beats and game-changing elements to the scene. A headliner to suite a massive party!

What went down?


Although not quite as big as the outdoor festivals, the event still called for a good amount of artwork. The design followed the genre. Techno in itself calls for clean design with isometric elements. A simple design making great use of negative space. Each individual piece of artwork was fully adjusted to suit the overall feel. clean cut lines with a grey on white execution.


International artist


The main drive, the headlining artist needs the right kind of artwork. All subsequent designs were built around the initial artist release.

Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg festival-teknotribe 14th bday party international content

I won't lie. I am a massive fan of Julien Juweill. When I get into a flow with design his music can often be heard banging through my earphones. All promotional material followed his initial artwork and pushed featured him on the majority of social media branding.

Allot of deep-etching went into the design. Clean cut lines and solid breaks (similar to techno I guess) was the look. This artwork as the basis also called for a similar look & feel for all other DJs at the event.

Website re-skin


Setting the basis for all future re-skins, the site was set up event specific. Geared to push the current party and give the new site its personality.

Sean Viljoen Freelance johannesburg Teknotribe Website design

The site was fully designed to showcase the party. Al information necessary had a place to live. The site also houses some of his previous tracks that users can listen to while they browse. Fully optimized for search engines and generic page-views.

The site also makes use of analytics tracking to make sure all marketing efforts have some impact. A clean, crisp design exactly like all the event creative. creating a full journey with relevant information.

Event-content and branding


Overall event-specific content. All made specifically to suit the initial creative. A flow of imagery that holds consistency throughout.

Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg festival-teknotribe 14th bday party ticket competition
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg festival-teknotribe 14th bday party social media covers

All relevant social media imagery to suit the event. Done within the grad that suits each individual channel. These all assured no cropping on any other device than a desktop.

All relevant communication was done using custom made images. This all assures no message gets lost. Generally, images do much better than big bodies of text. Keeping the same look & feel is paramount for effective communication.

Artist imagery


Compared to outdoor events there were fewer artists, this allowed for more creative and in-depth execution. Deep-etching each artist individually and using a similar execution to that of the main international artist.

Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg festival-teknotribe 14th bday party dj banners
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg festival-teknotribe 14th bday party headline content

All DJ specific artwork was done individually per artist. For all release and artist announcements as well as full social media re-branding. Each artist received a profile image intently edited to showcase them as creatively as possible.

Print Material


A fully custom poster that went across Jozi and relevant parties. A great way to push the event.


Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg festival-teknotribe 14th bday party poster design

The power of digital in second to none. Uncompare-able to the majority of other marketing channels. The advent of social media has made it possible to immediately connect to a magnitude of individuals and drive a huge amount of engagement.

However, there is just something very satisfying with poster design and print advertising when it comes to parties. An old art, where Swedish art became design. This is an amazing medium that still holds very close to my heart.



A line-up broken up into four elements, three individual stages as well a combined line-up list.


Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg festival-teknotribe 14th bday party artist lineup

A full line-up with set times was designed to give everyone a good idea of who plays when. Rather than just dropping the full line-up in a write-up, the images are a much better solution. Making it possible for anyone interested in the event to save it straight to their phone and use it as a reference when the day comes.

The line-up was also adjusted on the site and reflected this exactly. making sure all relevant information is housed in as many places possible.

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