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May 9, 2017
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May 2, 2017

Print Advertising


Performance Through Science Nutrition is a range scientifically formulated sport supplements that help with muscle soreness, boost performance and help with both weight loss and building muscle mass. With that said... While working with the client, I was tasked with creating a set of print adverts. Due to print supplier running late on the actual bottle graphics. I decided to do 3D renders of each bottle.


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The big "idea"

Any creative understands the amount of work that goes into a well-executed print advert. This was no exception. first I had to set each product up in a 3D space. This was then also used for the PTS nutrition Website Design. These were then exported to PSD files and individually deep-etched.

With careful editing and shading, I ended up with some beautiful imagery. These were then taken into my layout program and edited some more. I then added text and overlays and.... Voila!

The adverts


Each add individually places the product in the Limelight. Note... All ads were done for a newly launched company so, any and all creative work was done without previous direction. This sets the benchmark for any and all future design material.

PTS Nutrition Gaba Print Advertising
PTS Nutrition L-Carnitine Print Advertising
PTS Nutrition Performance Fuel Print Advertising
PTS Nutrition IGF whey Advertising

Each one individually crafted as simple yet visually appealing as possible. The same background used on web, taken across to all other marketing material. This creates consistence in any and all creative work. The above showcase the possibilities when digital gets merged with traditional forms of advertising.

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